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thank you 🤘 

Never too many goblins in my life


Thanks ! I'm glad you like it ^.^ 

I think it will work in most systems, its more to add flavour to the character / npc. 

Not GM less but something like Best Left Buried or Black Hack or DCC are quick simple games that I think would fit horrible goblins prone to injury aha 

thank you ^.^

thank you! 

I'm thinking of doing a series of random goblin token cards to go along side it... 

thanks Morphs <3

thank you 🥰

Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way in making this project, shout out to the SlaughterHouse7 & all you kind folks on twitter shouting about my lil zini xx

(I've extended the jam again! I love the look of this 

Brilliant stuff!

Definitely gonna ask if my group want to play through this tonight!! 

Thanks for the submission and glad to see my wacky process worked for you!

Thanks Morphs ❤️

Haha, I'll admit pulling it all together can be a bit difficult but part of the fun is to keep it kinda simple tbh! 

Id love to see what yall make !

Thank you 🥰

If you have access to a printer, print and fold it if you can! 

Really enjoyed this, thank you for taking part in the jam!!

a little video of how the final printed and folded zine will look!

Hey sorry for the slow reply (and I'm at work at the moment so hope this is an okay explanation !l

Once you've printed, cut and creased the paper

The final few pages will fold around the internal pages creating what looks like a cover for the book. 

An example of the final zine

I hope this video of me flicking through the zine helps you understand how it should look & I will look into creating a better build guide based on your feedback! 

Thanks again for taking the time and interest in my zine and let me know if I can help any more💖

I had imagined that you might knock the tower over before reaching the top. 

So result 1 is a bit of a joke as you can only achieve it by "knocking over" the d20 before building the structure and it landing on a 1 


❤ thank you so much for the positive feedback !! 

I'm curious what folks believe happened, I tried to keep it as open ended as possible (as I think that suits Brindlewood Bay's game structure)