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After searching I found this:


Your jam is only visible to you and other admins until published.

Published — Jam is visible and ready for submissions and ratings when appropriate

Unlisted — Jam will not be listed on jams page"

Could be the case? Maybe you should try change it for more people to join. 

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Why this jam doesn't appear in the jam browser?

The dark room gave me a bit of anxiety but I liked it, especially the characters.

The game was entertaining. It could fit perfectly as a side quest in any standard RPG. Good map design and balance overall, although some heal point before the final boss would be cool.  In any case, it is a good example.

I must say that this game has surprised me. The plot and characters are very well written and I find the artwork very charismatic, especially the design of the monsters. Focusing on the plot, it has a very good pacing, mixing serious and humorous very well. When started to play, I was expecting the usual: "hello, you are the son of the previous protagonist and want to follow in the footsteps of your father", or something like that, but nothing further from reality. The story is complex, original and full of references, plot twists and details, besides conveying a very beautiful message. Despite being a sequel and having many references to the first game, it can be perfectly enjoyed even without having played the original. 

On another note, the music seems to me also very well chosen and the combat system with the distribution of points when leveling up and the menus themselves also fit very well with the theme of the game. The dungeon puzzles were simple but also varied and didn't interrupt you any longer than necessary. 

There are also minor flaws, of course. Spelling mistakes, abuse of text that advances automatically, bugs in combat, some event that does not work, but in general are minor details, although I believe that the most serious failures are the following: 

· Many times in battles against multiple enemies it doesn't let you select the one you want to attack. I guess it's a bug in the combat system because it happens almost every time.

· In the battle against Rubkick after collecting the photos, this made my protagonist the "bounce" attack and began to hit me continuously (It did 0 damage every time) and after 1 minute watching without being able to do anything I was forced to restart.

· In the room to get the special monsters (where you can talk to the monsters you got), I met the requirements to unlock one but it wouldn't let me interact with the event. I guess because of a mistake when placing the priority of that event.

· About raising that monster to level 99 I guess it's just a joke. But if you're serious you should reduce the experience requirements a lot more.

In summary, as a player of "monster raising" games like Pokémon or Shin Megami Tensei I found this game very entertaining and interesting. It took me 10 hours to clear the game and I was left wanting for more. You can tell it is a work made with a lot of love. Congratulations to the author and I hope he keeps making more games and improving in the future.