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Molent Dut Gaming

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waiting for the next horror gam

really ejoy play this game and the other series

the dog is troublesome hahaha

nice game , the jumpscare really took me by surprise

simple game but very fun

hahahah I hope there will be a longer story in this game

sama" di tunggu updateny

that awesome jumpscare ,, really like this game

simple keren recomended, di tunggu update nya

really enjoy play this game ,, very scary atmosphire ,


awsome game , really like this game

good game 
scary atmosphere 
very clear instructions  
maybe you can add some jumpscare or survival mode 
in this game to make it more exciting and tense
just my opinion

Short game but make me fun

Never doubt all the games made by azagamestudio  
spooky, jumpscare, survival, puzzle, variation at the ending  
everything is complete in the game  
and in this game I got all the endings  
very good game highly recommend

Nice Game

"L" room concept

nice survival

nice puzzle

Very interesting story in this game,
taken from a criminal case
The tense atmosphere coupled with some jumpscares and quick actions make this game exciting

I really like this game,

the atmosphere is very horror, perfect jumpscare, survival, puzzle, very complete for a horror game,

I hope chapter 2 will be released soon

I really like this game. spooky atmosphere, cool concept. 
I hope the full version will be released soon

fun and very scary game, simple puzzles, 
scary atmosphere, need to survive, 
complete for horror games  
maybe you can add some spooky back sounds to add a sense of tension in playing this game  
but overall this game is cool

this my video playing this game

this my video 

Ready for more jumpscares hahahahaha always success AzaGameStudio

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I've played this game and I'm very entertained. 
spooky atmosphere and lots of jumpscares make this game feel perfect 
This time I also got all the endings 
Can't wait for the next game to be released.
I already suspected it had something to do with the tower above, 
but I haven't been able to find the 6th ending yet 
I will try again hahahahaa

The game is fun, funny and tense. 
I've played this game and I'm very entertained  
this is my experience playing this game