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I LOVED IT, when the games end i was like noooooo very good game

very fun !

AMAZING GAME, i really like it 

mdrrr tsais que si avec la ps1 et tout

haha merci !!

merci! oui c’est vrai qu’il faudrait un petit timer au début :) 

merci pour le commentaire ! je pense que je vais changer ça oui, d'avoir une vitesse lente au début, puis une vitesse qui augmente jusqu'à atteindre une vitesse max. et oui, le timer 3,2,1 est plus que nécessaire ! merci encore ! 

no only 64bit, but i think you can run it in 64 no ? 

i like it !

merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire !

thank you a lot !! 

ohhh okay ! thx you !

very good ! i put berserk at first, and really like the message xd i really like it, and the games where you need to click on head in the bus make me very umcomfortable!

yes, petscop is one of my favorite creepypasta! and yes, if you can give me some hints, I would say no xd i think i will go give a try to your other games. and sorry for my bad english im french


i finish the game 2m ago, and wow insane. it looks like a mix of undertale and petscop, and i very like it ! i think i got the normal ending, with the bloody ball. i very like the way each character act, and have their own dialogue with different colors etc. i hope you will make more game like this, really!!

or you can just put a default skin for the player ( i think the most important is not the skin of the player but just the multiplayer haha ).

incredible game ! i really love it. it look similar to barony so i love it haha. just, add multiplayer please xd ( and which game engine do you use ? )