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So cute ! c'est frais. :D ça donne envie d'aller se baigner... ou faire pipi.

Sorry, this is one of my first game posted and I had only made it in French. Thanks for having fun with it.

Thanks bro !

Compte Insta :

Je travail actuellement sur un autre jeu plus simple à réaliser. C'est un Stardew Valley like avec des énigmes à résoudre et du crafting etc..

Celui-ci je compte bien le finir ! ;)

Hello, oui ça a été un super entrainement pour moi, bon il est à l'abandon mais Construct peut faire vraiment tout type de jeu sans demande de ressources gourmandes.

C'est principalement à base d'actions simples et de groupe de famille. et le reste est sectionné par Numéro de sprite !

Merci pour ton commentaire !!!

Thank's ;)

Yeah Construct 3 !!! :D - Great game !

Hello Calvelazo09, this project is in active development, you can try again it should work. otherwise try with another browser. :) see you !

Hello Bill, the tutorial is being prepared but will require a lot of development and time, this game is still in development, thank you for your patience!

Ok thanks ! ;)

hello, you can build a Temple and click on create an educated worker, he can go to work in some other special buildings for him

Hello, I think it must be a bug, maybe try to restart your browser ;)

Hello, this project is in active development,

Have you tried it with another browser ?

Hello, you must put the clay field at the water's edge.

Thank you for the follow, yes I try to work on it as much as possible !

This retro retro game is really cool ! great work !

Hi castpixel, your games are really cool !

Hello and thank you for your comment, for the moment I prefer to stay on browser because it is far from being in its final form and really interesting to play, I hope you understand ;)

I have just upload a new version V0.3, I think it fix the bug ;)

It's easy, Construct is based on HTML5 so it will run perfectly on a browser. Just export your game to HTML5 then select Playable In browser on, you can add a fullscreen button and other things directly from this website ;)

Hello everyone, I am creating the field system of my game. The next upload will be soon. A big thank you for your support. :)

Bonjour, il est en développement actif, il sera telechargeable dans sa version finale.

Hello, it is in active development, it will be downloadable in its final version.

Merci beaucoup ! Dans la prochaine mise à jour, il suffira de cliquer sur un bâtiment pour envoyer un homme y travailler, ce genre de choses... Je prend mon temps pour qu'il soit jouable à terme.

Thank you so much ! In the next update, we just click on a building to send a man to work, things like that.

Thanks a lot :D

Hello, this project is in active development ;)

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Hello, this project is in active development, it is not the final game, you can build the granary by placing a first road but it has not a real goal yet. ;)

THX :)

Merci, ça me fait vraiment plaisir !

Je fais ça dans mes temps libres, ça me donne de la motivation pour faire d'autres courses...

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The game is in development, I will update every day as soon as possible ! Merci !

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Bonjour, Hi, je suis un pixel artist frocophone

Out Drift est mon tout premier jeu ! n'hesitez pas à me contacter pour toute remarque :

Visit my Twitter page