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Mojiken Studio

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you can send it to contact@mojikenstudio.com

Thanks! <3

Woah, I'm flattered~
Great to know that you are enjoying it and inspired by Sir Raven.

If you's like to discuss more, you can visit our discord channel ~ https://discord.gg/qm7Ukf

Thank you~ I'm flattered~ 

Thank you for playing! 
Don't worry, Everyone got their own story with Sir Raven.

We got discord channel too, feel free to discuss there! https://discord.gg/qm7Ukf

Unfortunately we can't build the linux version of A Raven Monologue yet.
Sorry! ><

Thanks! Appreciate the playthrough video!

Thank you~
The music is provided by Christabel Annora, check her in spotify if you want to hear more!


T-H-A-N-K-S !!!! <3

Thank you for enjoying a stroll with Sir Raven!
actually we have a discord channel for A Raven Monologue, If you want to discuss something.


thank you for sharing! <3

Thank you sire~
appreciated the video!

hello, sorry for late reply!

Have you tried to click the download button again? You should be able to download the fanpack zip after the donation.
And also we'd like to thank you for your humble donation!

please tell us again if you still have problem with fanpack access

It's hand drawn actually~ :D

Hello! I'm here to help!
Which build are you downloading? mac? win? linux?

Woah, I'm glad that someone is still playing our game!

Thank you for your feedback and appreciation!

please look forward at our future upcoming games!:D

Maaf atas keterlambatan balasannya, terima kasih! :D

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much! glad you loved it. Nice to meet you! :D

(1 edit)

hello, I understand your concern about the file extension. for that I will upload the zip version for the windows build asap!

thank you for dropping a comment here!

Thank you very much!


please download from this link..

hopefully this one works..

im not sure about the problem you had..
but maybe this will helps.. :D

hmm.. have ever try download a game in itch.io before? perharps you can try using another browser?

hello, sorry for the inconvenience..which file did you downloaded?
Heavens Below v0.3 BETA win64.rar?

hello david!
thank you for enjoying our little short game!
hopefully we could develop it into something better in the future, please do keep in touch!

well, we can use winrar, winzip or 7-zip
Hope that helps!

Whoa! Dank you for playing our game!

While i could say that this game is far from being perfect, polished, and finished, i'm really glad that you could enjoy it!

Someday, I hope you can reach the bottom of the abbys, and please do keep in touch!

Good night!