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Hi, we uploaded a new version of the game, please kindly check it, thank you!

Hi Naufal453,
You can do so by pausing the game (esc).
There's a conversation log menu.
Hope this helps.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks Fedelish for trying out Project Spring Break! Can't wait to hear about your experience!


Hey, thanks for playing Project Spring Break! Really, a skip dialogue option sounds nice. Thank you for your insight! 


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"You know me."


Hello Tester!

Apologize for the inconvenience. Please send us the log located in this directory.

AppData\LocalLow\MojikenStudio\NTM Alkindi model v.08

We will fix it ASAP.

Hello, thank you for playing project Spring Break! It seems that you missed one hidden clue in Aria's phone. There are four objects that you must find to progress. If you already found 4 clues but are still stuck in there, that's definitely a bug. Good luck!

Good Job Ameriya, and all the Tanukis of the world!!!

Hi the_can,
This is just a DEMO of the full game on Steam.

Hi loomiw,
We've already released the game last year.
Please check it out.

Thank you!


Thank you! Don't forget to wishlist the game!

Thank you!


Hello, thank you for letting us know! Right now, we are working to fix it. We'll get back to you  when the issue is solved

This was created way before the prologue chapter

Oh my, thank you for the reminder. We're going to fix this soon ><

sorry, i don't know what the problem is. But we've released the game on Steam if you can't buy the game here.

Sorry that we left out the hint system, we're going to implement one in the full version for sure! 💪💪

Thank you for the feedback. It's really helpful

thank you for the support!🍂
yes! GRIS is one of our greatest influence as a silent game with great visuals.

Glad you had a good time playing this. And thanks for pointing out Florence, we're really love to play it and take a great inspiration from it 😊

Thank you for the kind words, we put everything that we like into this game, seeing other people  like it too really make our day! 🍀

Glad you like it~ We're working on the complete version, please wait! 😊

Whoa! Thanks for the video, it's a great way to see how people play our game ✨


Thanks for the input, we're really want people experience a relaxing puzzle design. We'll take note and try to working on it. Have a nice day! 😊

Thanks for the kind words, we're working on the full game, please wait for it 🍀

Thank you~ We're working on it!

The mac version is up, please check it out :)

Glad you like it, thank you for sharing it on forum.
As for the localization, we will be happy to work with you. Please send an email to so we could discuss it there :)
We will export the text to spread sheet, so you don't have to worry about Unity.

Please buy the game to support us :D

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Congrats :D
Really appreciate you spend your time to finish the game.

Thank you for playing and reporting the bug. Unfortunately we have to drop the support for that resolution.

Glad you enjoy the game :)

Thank you for playing :D
Yeah we're currently hunting those typo's to update the game.

As for the objective, there are hints in the client's dialog and the news. Hope you get the true ending :)

mac version uploaded :)
enjoy the journey to the fire mountain :))

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done, uploaded the mac version of the game, enjoy the journey to the fire mountain :)

Nice playthrough :))
No matter what you do, at least you reached the summit. 🌋

Hey ya! You can also use WASD and space/z or even joystick to take a journey to the Fire Mountain, I hope it helps!