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this is surprisingly scary, good job

any way to skip night 1? i find it tiresome to have to redo every time i start playing

how do i access the cheat menu?

am i missing something? cause alot of features shown in the screenshots aren't there in the game for me

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items that let you decrease size for things, like stomachs for example

will there be a future option to download it as a .zip as how it used to be or will it stay as a 7z for some reason?

is there a way to download it in a zip instead of a .rar? i can't seem to get the game to work if it's a .rar file

i saw in a suggestion for a robot character and that there actually was going to be one in the future for the ai character nav, is this still going to happen?

a room that gradually increases heat for characters

it's W

in the future will there be full races for character creation? like kobolds for example

small suggestion: let the player create a portrait for their character, not necessary but i think it would be a nice touch

will this come out for the public soon? i didn't see anything about it unless my eyes just glazed over it

will this get a version that comes with the english version? or will i always have to manually do it?

so how does foxy's mechanics work? i've been trying to get their scene for a while now and i can't figure it out

looks like the game died rip

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so i had some suggestions that i'd like to list off

1: add a melee weapon to the game just incase you run out of ammo
2: maybe add character customization
3: different enemy animations for when you get caught
4: some kind of gallery that lets you see the other animations
5: new weapons cause the pistol is getting a little boring to use

oh and also is there going to be a saving feature of any sort?

aight fair enough

will there be a future "female/girl" mode? just curious

is this still being worked on?

maybe add an option for enabling/disabling the stun/grapple for those who liked it

i've yet to try this one but i tried the first demo and i was wondering if this one has a no gore mode

is the next public version close to being released?

how do i "select a destination"

how do i access the inventory? clicking on the chest doesn't seem to do anything

it seems there's been alot of updates to the patreon version but not the public one

oh sick this game is still being updated i thought it died

personally i think there should be some kind of dev log to let players know that the game is still being worked on

great game, but i personally think it requires more content

good to hear

is there a confirmed release date for the next version?

is this still true that you'll be sharing it with the world soon?

is the cube game cancelled or just put on hold?

why is the music so terrifying? it catches me off guard

I agree, it throws me off with the manual input and it'd be better if it was automatic.

that's good news, I really like this game and I'm excited for the next update

is this going to be updated soon? I don't mean to rush you but it has been a while since the last update

is this project dead?

her area seems to be locked am I missing something?

is there a confirmed release date?