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is this still true that you'll be sharing it with the world soon?

is the cube game cancelled or just put on hold?

why is the music so terrifying? it catches me off guard

I agree, it throws me off with the manual input and it'd be better if it was automatic.

that's good news, I really like this game and I'm excited for the next update

is this going to be updated soon? I don't mean to rush you but it has been a while since the last update

is this project dead?

her area seems to be locked am I missing something?

is there a confirmed release date?

is the new content on the download as well?

pretty good i'll make sure to check this out again if more content is added

i downloaded it and it's a 7z file is there any way i can fix this?

in the gallery the sixth scene is ??? how do i unlock it?

will the species option in the character customization always be locked for patreon or will it be released to the public soon?

really good I wish the boss was a little easier though