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cool! will this updates come to the linux version aswell?

Just click on the button that says "download now"

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Linux user here

appimage is a self-contained universal linux app... its... basically like a portable executable that contains all what it needs to run in itself, no extra files or folders

i never actually made a appimage myself but i have read that is pretty straight forward, and since is linux-universal, it will work in all linux distros

flatpak however, although it is also a universal package, it uses the flatpak repositories, and a tool to install them either through an interface or a CLI

It's great if you like to install applications from a repository with a GUI or the terminal, but I find it difficult to distribute a commercial application like pixelbasher with that method, especially since you use

so I would recommend that you try to make it as an Appimage, or just keep it as it is (as long as there aren't many problem reports, of course).

i hope this was of some help, have a nice day!

(English is not my first language btw, so if something is not well written or it's just weird, well... sorry about that)

Thank you very much for taking the time to describe your experience, you help us a lot ❤️

We will take into account what you have mentioned, especially the locks, maybe make it a bit more obvious that you can interact with them

As for the messages that appear quickly on the screen, yes, they are random, they were intended as a small detail of atmosphere (and lore), they have no function in the game beyond looking scary

the demo has small events and details like that to make it more interesting to walk through the forest

In any case, thank you so much again for your comment, i hope you have a nice day!

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hi! yeah,  if you click the locks, they change the "symbol", the correct combination from top to bottom you can find it if you see what have changed in the forest, the scenery tells you the place, and the "thing" the symbol (was there a teddy bear in front of the initial cabin before? and why the stairs are missing some steps? ) i hope you can enjoy the rest of the demo!

also, the chair that just prompt "yes/no" is an intended feature, funny things happen when you say "yes"

if you have some  feedback, please let us know! it will be helpful for the full release


yes, we will add the option in the future, but for now is just window mode

we didn't add it for this version because it did make some problems with the pixelart, but when that is solved, it will have it

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hi! thanks for playing the game!!!, you encounter a bug though....

the options "yes / yes" should not appear util the end of the game, it is a little bit longer, i already fixed this issue, so...

i invite you to re-download and replay it if you have the time, and thanks a lot!

Great game, im from venezuela so i really can't afford support you through subscribestar, but i got some extra money so i decided to puchase the android version, keep making this and more games!

i trust this site with my card information, and seems that everyone that bought the android version do too, so... you're basically wrong, in general.

interesting program, keep improving it !!

is there plans for making a linux version? this tool seems amazing, but rn i only have a computer with linux, 

looking forward for future updates, amazing tool

still same error, maybe im doing something wrong? 


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Manjaro Quonos 21.2.6
kernel: 5.15.38-manjaro

Desktop environment: XFCE

Well in my first attempt i had this error, the program wont launch

I manually installed on my machine the dotnet runtime (via pamac) and when i try to launch it again, a black screen appears

and after a couple of seconds it closes and show this on terminal

tried with sudo, same error

im a linux user, so i can help with linux test if you need them

I would also really appreciate this feature, some notes are longer that i need them, hope it comes soon

Excelent tool but im stuck in a problem, i want to write  some text




(i really dont know how it would be called on english.. next line? ) but when i try in the editor, it just render everything together (i will put a screenshot to ilustrate) it is a bug ? or im just doing something wrong?

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excelent tool, keep improving it!!!



I know a little about godot, but only in the 2D part, so if I have time I will try to help improve the interface

im very interested in this project

nice tool!

since, there is no plans for future development, maybe you can make it opensource, so the people that likes the program, can continue using it 

how i unlock the second scene with marionette? i did everything with the sucubus, and still cant get nothing

also, great game, beautifull art

interesting tool, i love it

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I actually did, is also Great, but since i use godot a lot, a direct plugin for godot is amazing for me, i downloaded both tho

anyway, keep the great work <3 <3

(btw, saludos desde venezuela xD)

this is GREAT thanks you so much for making this plugin <3