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Mr. Umbrella

A member registered Jun 11, 2021

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Love this game! I like the idea of having everyone being 2D "billboards" in a 3D world. Also, great audio, it really fit the theme well. 

Love this! It reminds me of "stick RPG" where you had to max out education in order to max out your money. 

Same on Windows-chrome.


You're welcome. Looking forward to checking back to see how this game evolves as you continue to develop it, so far I like what you've done with it!

This game is incredible! I wouldn't be surprised to see it go viral!

You should make it clear that this is based on the tutorial by Heartbeast in the description with a link to his youtube account. It's important to be very upfront when giving credit where credit is due. 

Runs great for me:

Hardware: HP Pavilion w/ AMD Ryzen 5 + 12GB ram + AMD Radeon Graphics

OS: Windows 10

Browser: Google Chrome

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Ohh I see the problem. In browser, when you press ESC it takes you out of the game instead of opening up the menu if your in full screen mode. If you press it a second time, it'll work

Update: controls didn't take long to figure out. Excellent game! Loved the art and enjoyed the dialog! 

How do you open the in-game menu? I'm on chrome, and it doesn't tell you which buttons to press. It only says "use the run button" etc., without saying, and I haven't found the button for the in-game menu.