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Moisés Peláez

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Great animations and the character movement felt really fluid. I think this game has a lot of potential.

I use Godot for 3D as well and I remember having issues with performance in one game because of the import settings with textures. Maybe this could be the reason for this game too.

Really funny idea. I could beat the game but never understood how did I perform a higher jump. Good game overall.

I would really like to play this game but is running very slow in my machine.

Nice game, it was fun to play. I think the character is a bit slow but the combat and graphics are well done.

Nice game, the combat feels solid. I just think the slimes are too strong.

Nice short game, I liked the funny drawings.

It is much better now.

The game has a fantastic art work but I think the gameplay needs a bit more polish. I think I had to wait too much to attack again and sometimes my attacks didn't hit the enemies. Hope to see more progress on this game in the future!

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Really great art style and setting! The game is really interesting but the profile page has colors really hard to the eyes.

Good graphics, sounds and combat. I'm interested to see how does this game grow.

I liked the combat and the sounds. I think this game has a lot of potential. I would suggest to change the W key to read for something like E, there was part where I had a difficult time because I was trying to perform a light strafe upwards but there was a book on the way.

Is nice to see another 3D game around. I liked the graphics and it has a good level design as well.

I'm having the same issue as well.

Really nice game! Is hard but in a good way, it kept me wanting to try again over and over. Excellent game!

Really nice art style. The game is way too hard for me and I couldn't understand well some of the mechanics.

The character movement is very smooth and I like the graphic style. I think there are too many enemies and the lack of control when one gets hit could be a bit unfair. I would also suggest to have the gun with ammo when one finds it for the first time. Overall is a good game.

The graphics are really great! I couldn't  understand what should I do but I would like to. I'm interested to see how the future of this game.

Is interesting to see another 3D game. The player was hard to control. The background music is really nice tho.

I like the graphics and music, seems like a Gameboy Color style game. The character was a bit hard to control but nice game.

Excellent game! The combat is solid and the gameplay is very engaging, great work!

I like this game, it has a nice pacing. It crashed twice not sure why but enjoyed playing it so far. Would like to see more updates on this game in the future.

I liked the graphics and atmosphere. I think the boss is too hard and the death sequence a bit long.

Hello, I just added the source code in the description. I made this small game while I was relatively new to Godot so the code is far from perfect. I hope you find something useful there.

The concept is interesting. I had difficulties with the camera because it slowly follows the panda and I couldn't see where I was stepping over, when I was falling down I landed on spikes many times because of this. The checkpoints were helpful and I liked the funny sounds the bees or (fleas) had.

Interesting game, I liked the retro-futuristic visuals and music. The screen size is way too big for my resolution and it was somewhat difficult to play it because of that.

The game doesn't start in my computer, after I press a button I get stuck here and nothing happens.

I liked the atmosphere in this game. I didn't find the use of the shotgun or the dash but I liked exploring the whole map. I also found the introduction of the hook item nice.

I think the game is way too hard at the beginning but enjoyed playing it after leveling up. Really great game and I'm impressed with the visual style!

Interesting game, I liked the graphics and atmosphere. One thing is I think is the combat may need more polish.

Good game overall.

Hello, thanks for the background! I have used it for a prototype I'm making. If you want to check it out:

Hey, I used this enemy for a beat 'em up I've been making in my free time. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Thanks for sharing it.

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Hello. I used this character for a beat 'em up prototype. Thanks for sharing it.

If you want to check it out here's the link:

Hello, I made a very small game using this tileset to teach the very basics of Godot:
Thanks for it.

Thanks for the feedback. I have the 'cross aim' in to-do for the next update, among other changes/improvements.

Thanks for the feedback.

I like how the game looks, the graphics are great but I found the character hard to control. I was moving too fast horizontally but very slow vertically.

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I think the cube rotating system is fine, I had more troubles was assigning the jump item. 

I think it could be improved this way (just my opinion): with keyboard could be Tab or Left Shift + one of the arrow keys to select the specific item and WASD to assign it to the position (without having to freeze/pause the game). Same thing with a controller but with L1 + A, B, X or Y and the D-Pad.

I find this game interesting and I like the graphics, it reminds me when I used to play Game Boy Color games. Despite of not getting used to the wall jump, I found this game engaging.

I think this game has potential. The graphics are not polished yet but I think the level design is well done. I enjoyed playing it.