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The game feels visually polished but the controls were really confusing at first. It would be nice to play it again with sound effects.

I couldn't play this game, it hangs up and crashes on my laptop when try to start a new game.

Great game! This felt like a GBA game. I liked the graphics and style. I just think it was too difficult, I tried to beat the first boss a couple of times but I couldn't.

The game is cool but every time I died was because I was stuck on a wall.

I took me a while to understand what to do but I could win the game after some minutes. The boss never dealt damage although he was shooting directly at me. Also placing the bombs felt a bit random, sometimes they were placed where I didn't expect.

I think the concept idea is funny and interesting.

Nice game! I managed to beat the first 5 bosses. I had performance issues with the stars, maybe because there were too many particles on the screen.

Nice graphics and visual effects. The game needs more polish on combat but it has potential.

I like the idea of the game but the jump felt a bit off to me.

I like the graphics and design of this game but the boss fight was confusing for me, I didn't know if I was hitting the boss or not.

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I really liked this game! The combat feels great. The first boss difficulty was right in my opinion but I found the second boss too hard.

I also suggest to change the dodge button to "spacebar".

Thanks for playing the game! I certainly took inspiration from Wind Waker. For the bow and arrow you are right, I have been struggling a bit coding it to aim to the right spot but I'm thinking to add something like a ray in a future update.

Thanks for playing it! I worked on the boss among other things during this week, I think is a bit less weird now.

Nice game. The first boss was fun and the second was too easy to beat. I had a bit of performance issues on the first boss, when there were around 10 heads.

I defeated the boss, interesting game.

Great game! Very original, I really liked the sound effects, art and the theme. I had a good time playing it.

Great game, I think it has a lot of potential. I suggest you add some sort of feedback to know when the boss is hit (I realized I was hitting the snake because the ball disappeared) and speed up a bit the player's movement.

I like how this game looks but I didn't understand well how to play it. It would be nice to see it more polished.

I think this game is good, the gameplay was smooth and graphics are great but the bosses take too long to kill.

This is a great game, I really liked the art style. I found it too hard but in a good way.

The game has nice art and sound effects. I found difficult doing wall jumps and I think is interesting to have optional bosses.

The game is cool although I don't think it is a boss rush, it is more a 2d shooter.

I agree. I would also suggest to let the player skip the boss tutorial when you revive.

I have the same issue, tried switching to GLES 2.0 but still had low FPS. For some reason 3D games made in Godot run slow in laptops like this.

I also tried making WebGL and Android 3D games with Godot using GLES 2.0 as well and they run very laggy while 3D games made in other engines (like Armory or Unity) run smoothly in my browser and phone.

I'm using an AMD A12 Quad Core CPU @2.70GHz base and @3.20GHz max speed and a Radeon R7 Graphics. This laptop can run a game like the recent Trackmania smoothly.

Great animations and the character movement felt really fluid. I think this game has a lot of potential.

I use Godot for 3D as well and I remember having issues with performance in one game because of the import settings with textures. Maybe this could be the reason for this game too.

Really funny idea. I could beat the game but never understood how did I perform a higher jump. Good game overall.

I would really like to play this game but is running very slow in my machine.

Nice game, it was fun to play. I think the character is a bit slow but the combat and graphics are well done.

Nice game, the combat feels solid. I just think the slimes are too strong.

Nice short game, I liked the funny drawings.

It is much better now.

The game has a fantastic art work but I think the gameplay needs a bit more polish. I think I had to wait too much to attack again and sometimes my attacks didn't hit the enemies. Hope to see more progress on this game in the future!

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Really great art style and setting! The game is really interesting but the profile page has colors really hard to the eyes.

Good graphics, sounds and combat. I'm interested to see how does this game grow.

I liked the combat and the sounds. I think this game has a lot of potential. I would suggest to change the W key to read for something like E, there was part where I had a difficult time because I was trying to perform a light strafe upwards but there was a book on the way.

Is nice to see another 3D game around. I liked the graphics and it has a good level design as well.

I'm having the same issue as well.

Really nice game! Is hard but in a good way, it kept me wanting to try again over and over. Excellent game!

Really nice art style. The game is way too hard for me and I couldn't understand well some of the mechanics.

The character movement is very smooth and I like the graphic style. I think there are too many enemies and the lack of control when one gets hit could be a bit unfair. I would also suggest to have the gun with ammo when one finds it for the first time. Overall is a good game.