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Moisés Peláez

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Thanks for the feedback. I have the 'cross aim' in to-do for the next update, among other changes/improvements.

Thanks for the feedback.

I like how the game looks, the graphics are great but I found the character hard to control. I was moving too fast horizontally but very slow vertically.

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I think the cube rotating system is fine, I had more troubles was assigning the jump item. 

I think it could be improved this way (just my opinion): with keyboard could be Tab or Left Shift + one of the arrow keys to select the specific item and WASD to assign it to the position (without having to freeze/pause the game). Same thing with a controller but with L1 + A, B, X or Y and the D-Pad.

I find this game interesting and I like the graphics, it reminds me when I used to play Game Boy Color games. Despite of not getting used to the wall jump, I found this game engaging.

I think this game has potential. The graphics are not polished yet but I think the level design is well done. I enjoyed playing it.

I find the character too hard to control and to get used to but this game has great quality. Nice sound design, music and animations. I think is an excellent work and is very polished.

Really like this game. The environment and the music makes me want to explore more of it. I'm very interested to see future updates.

Nice game. I liked the sound effects and screen shake when you get hit or hit an enemy. Maybe locking the character movement for a few milliseconds when it respawns would improve the experience. Excellent work.

I find the background aesthetics and music interesting. 

Got a bug in this area, it just keeps reloading there after I fell down:

Thanks for the feedback, specially about the targeting system. I'm planning to expand the game in the future.

I really like the hand-painted textures and level design of this game. I found difficult to control the character when I jump, and it feels the gravity is too high when the character is falling in my opinion.

I'm interested to see future updates on this game.

I like this game. Is hard but addicting. I find the music catchy too.

Hello. I'm planning to make a 3D game using Godot or Unity. You can send me a message on discord to see if we can work together. My discord is Moisés#5633.

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I'm an Indie Game Designer and Developer, the engines I use are Unity and Godot. I'm looking for a 2d and/or 3d artist to make a game heavily inspired in Metroid Prime. My discord is Moisés#5633, if you are interested you can send me a message there.

Some games I've made:

The game doesn't run, I get many WebGL errors. Did you set the render to GLES2?

I haven't start brainstorming yet but I have a vague idea of what I want to do. I want to make a simple adventure game with funny things inspired in "A Town Called Panic", probably something like a milkman who has to send milk all over the town or something like paper boy.

Hello, I'm a game designer/developer with little experience in writing stories for games and making the GDD in general. I have made small prototypes and short demos and I have experience with Unity and C# but I'm going to use Godot for this jam. I know how to make 3d low poly models and a little of rigging and animations with Blender, I compose simple loops using LMMS, I know a little of vector graphics with Inkscape and Krita and I can draw a little more than a stickman. I haven't work well in a team yet but if someone is interested to join me or make a team just let me know and we would see how it goes.

My portfolio:

Gamejolt: and



Hey, good to see you are participating in the Gamejam!