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Moisés Peláez

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Nice short game! I really liked how the end and true end were executed.

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Pretty fun experience, however I didn't know how to escape after I got the grappling gun, I tried finishing it a couple of times but I couldn't find out where to shoot at. Besides this, I really enjoyed this game and each time I lost I wanted to try again over and over. I think t It's fresh to see a Metroidvania like this as well. Nicely done.

I tried to play it and really want to like it but the movement and jump are really slow. It seems the maps are well designed and I really like the art and aesthetic. I think I can potentially enjoy playing this, it would be nice to play if the character had a faster movement speed.

Quite fun game, I enjoyed playing it. Nice visuals too 💪

I would recommend to add "press enter" or a note somewhere in the description, I didn't know what to do when I saw the spark scene until I saw one of the comments here.

I think this game has good potential, the bosses seemed interesting and it has really nice visuals too 💪

I found it too hard at first but I eventually could understand the boss patterns and had fun beating them. I really liked this game and I think it has solid story and mechanics. I also liked a lot the visuals. Great work and thanks for making it 💪

Thanks for playing it and for the feedback! The mech jumping high is a bug indeed.

Thanks for playing it! And also thanks for mentioning that about the transition, definitely taking it in consideration 💪

It was a fun game to play but I think is a bit hard, I would find it more fair if the player had a dash action. Really nice music by the way!

Really cool game. I had a fun time playing it and I really liked the visuals as well.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game 💪

I think that the bosses had too much health making the battles felt a bit repetitive but I really liked how the theme was used. I found funny that you have to beat office bosses.

Great entry, I managed to finish it. Really liked the atmosphere and music. Nice game 💪

Really nice visuals and fun gameplay. It reminded me of Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

Very fun and challenging game, I really liked the mechanic.

The game looks really nice. I hope it get finished after the voting ends.

Simple game but very fun to play. Nice one 💪

Nice game! 133 points.

Really well polished, the sound and lighting gives a good horror atmosphere. Having to plug to light up and avoid enemies makes exploring really interesting.

Nice puzzle game, I really liked its art!
I would suggest to use another button for the dialogs because sometimes I accidentally skipped it by clicking, as I used the mouse to move.

I'm impressed by the quality of this game, great job!

I liked this game, it was a nice short experience. I really liked the art style and music.

Nice game, I really liked the art and animations.

Nice game! I really liked the setting and music.

Really fun game! I enjoyed playing it.

Yes, it happened both in full screen and windowed mode.

At the beginning I didn't know how to use the flowers, I was trying to drag them over the pots but I realized I had to click them then select the other object to combine, after I figured it out I had fun playing it. I think the music was also well implemented.

Nice game!

Nice puzzle game. I like the bats particle effect and level transitions.

This game has a nice art style. I would suggest to map the shoot button to another key or the mouse click, because it was hard for me to control the character and shoot at the same time. I also got killed a few times by invisible monsters or walls.

But good job for a first jam!

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I just played your game, it has similar mechanics indeed lol.

Thanks for playing!

I tried playing it but the camera starts shaking a lot. I downloaded the Windows build.

Thanks for playing it and also thanks for the feedback about the mechanics!

Thanks for playing it!

Nice little game. I'm not that much into crafting games but I really liked this one. The music was also awesome.
The only thing I would suggest is to add a sprint or rolling action to the player with some stamina, to not get bored while walking long distances.

It would be really nice to see this game grow in the future!

Thanks for playing! About the controls I think I know what you mean, thanks for mentioning it!

Nice graphics, music and puzzles! Controlling the different bots and the plant felt great, the only thing I would say is that jumping between small boxes felt a bit weird, maybe using one way colliders would be a better option for them.

Great game overall! I enjoyed playing it and would really like to see more levels.

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Thanks for playing it! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'll definitely take the difficulty and features in consideration as some players have been mentioning it.

I'm glad you liked the game! Thanks for playing it and for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it.