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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I ran out of time to actually mix the audio, and you're totally right!

Woah! I loved the smug  bug and glasses, but this is a pretty neat game! cool concept. I think a visual representation of the bugs and different beam lights could make this game pretty fun! Good work!

There's nothing to download. I am confident they uploaded nothing  for their submission, besides a picture of a bug with sunglasses accompanied by a message saying they were too tired and that they will make the game later.

That is why I love The Bugger.

Okay, with the graphical upgrades of the remake, there's no way you could mistake the Bugdoo for a worm. I can't help feeling some of the character and charm of the original was lost in the process though.Keep up the good work!

i LOVE brad


Cute art and nice music! One of the most cohesive games of the jam.
I really liked the reloading mechanic. Having to stop to wind up your weapon could be really suspenseful in a chase, and having the reload animation match the input of a scrolling wheel was satisfying!

I think it needs obstacles, more enemies, and a slower character to make it challenging. The invisible walls were annoying to bump into in a chase, but the player is so quick, it didn't even matter. Looping the music would help a lot, as well.

Overall, very charming, and a solid start - Great job to all!

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Couldn't agree more, Moonrise45555. Well put.

It's not a worm, it's a Bugdoo, obviously.

I spent like 20 minutes across two different days, extremely confused. Only after reading the comments, did I realize almost the entire game is in a separate .PDF!
I went from baffled, to charmed.

Very cute idea and good effort, but you definitely should put a notice before starting the game explaining you need to print the .PDF first.

Thank you! Good job on your games! I really like To the Moon.