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Go to System Preference > Security & Privacy > General

From here you can authorise the app.

I don’t think so, I have an M1 Mac running Big Sur. That’s weird… I couldn’t help you without a clear visual of what’s going on. I’m really sorry 

Ok so I did eventually find a solution. I'm gonna put a little tutorial for everybody having the same issue:
- Open the Terminal

(- If you didn't already do it, drop the app in Application (it's better like this anyway)

- Now just locate the file in Terminal :

cd /

cd Applications/Platwormer\

(If you renamed the app, type the current name instead of "Platwormer\ Mac". Don't forget the .app, tho)

- Then, just type in 

chmod +x Platwormer

- Should work now!

Btw, really great game!

MacOS version doesn't seem to work on M1 Mac. What can I do?

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I really like the game, especially that moment when it is loading

Also is it just me or the bonzai tends to grow mainly on the right ?

I have taht 3000 points tree that makes the game so laggy I have difficulties writing this comment or even scrolling on the page

Good game.

You got approximately half an hour of gameplay if you like searching in every corner of the rooms when you play a game.

Really like it, this game deserves so much better than just being free. A lot of potential in this, I'm telling ya.

I did it in a way it's normally possible to hit the penguin but I actually never succeed to kill it

yea but it actually doesnt work lol


Cant play it on OS X. Kinda disappointed.