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hmmm... Cool!

Every programmer does ;)

tnx for ur comment first!

In that puzzle, my assumption was this: 

Players go near the locked door and do interaction. Then the door says " 1 green, 2 red, 2 blue"...

And then they should realize what that means... But it seems my assumption was wrong!

I was thinking that maybe putting an intractable sign near the tiles can guide players not to confuse. After the player interacts with the sign, it says whatever the door is currently saying...

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Tnx dude!

About the timer, I agree with u! After publishing the game and trying to play it without that "excitement of making a new game" , the slow movement of the character was annoying me. If I want to update the game, I will definitely reduce the timer.

About that RGB puzzle, I wrote a comment below, in response to Cringenut ...

Beautiful graphics ! Nice work :D

I really liked it!

At the start, it was difficult to learn the controls, but after 2 or 3 rounds, it was still a hard game,but it became enjoyable and fun!

The graphics are very cool too!

Beautiful graphics :)

Very fun game!

Casual gameplay combined with tactical decisions ... very nice!

And those levels of difficulty was very interesting :)


I'm glad u liked it.

Tnx dude!

I love it!

I've seen this concept before,but your version is well fitted in the limitation of the Jam and also challenging and enjoyable.

Nice and enjoyable!

Good job dude!

Really cool game ;)

I don't have time to make those improvements in the Jam, but will take a look at it maybe after some days .

Tnx for feedback :D

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I killed Gandhi and saved Batman! Geeez! 

Actually I wanted to do the negative, but when I figured out who to save and who to kill, it was too late... 

I really love the concept dude! Putting player in that dilemmatic situation ... 

And you coded it in c++ ?


I love the idea, the combination between these arcade mechanics .

And also very beautiful in artistic aspects.

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Nice dude!

Love the concept (and definitely the animation :D )

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Nice game!

Much easier than DotA 2 's Invoker , so fits very well for noobs like me! 

I've done approximately the same thing (combining keys) in my game.

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Cool!  like it !

Nice concept. I had the same idea years ago. You did it well.

Controls are hard btw

Great  job dude!

I love it!

Nice casual experience.

Fits well on ios and android

Beautiful art. Relaxing music.

I love it but lack of gameplay makes me sad...

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Fun game!

Very nice graphics, cool idea and really good implementation!

Cool idea.

Nice graphics.

Good job dude

Good job dude!