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Tnx dude!

It didnt supposed to be this ez!

Some mechanics doesnt work in the standalone build.

I have no idea why that happens...

I dont have enough time to work on this game anymore.

Tnx for playing and tnx for ur feedback :)

Nice concept. I had the same idea years ago. You did it well.

Controls are hard btw

Great  job dude!

I love it!

Nice casual experience.

Fits well on ios and android

Beautiful art. Relaxing music.

I love it but lack of gameplay makes me sad...

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Fun game!

Very nice graphics, cool idea and really good implementation!

Cool idea.

Nice graphics.

Good job dude

Good job dude!

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tnx for playing my game!

I've also found another bug!

U don't collide with doors! 

Those brown boxes meant to be like locked doors and the lock will be opened when some switches triggered.... But the collision doesn't work...

I will try to fix these bugs.


I've uploaded a new version.