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I love the concept of the game
Great work Guys

Areally funny game and a creative way to use the theme i like it, it's a bit unclear why I sometimes lose 

the number wave 1 when the game start is a bit misleading i guess because there is no wave 2 or i am losing so early XD

the technical accomplishment of the game is great I like the art ,music and the dancing of the player 

an impressive game indeed 

Hey great work dude 
Have you found a team yet?

Thank you wish all the best

Thanks for playing the game on stream , you are right about the colors nice
glad you like it

Sadly bugs must happen in game jams but I am very glad that you liked it 

Thanks for the feedback
we really wanted to make a simple yet not hard puzzle , and we are so happy to hear it come out as expected 

Wow great graphics but a bit so slow game 

good work overall 

a very well made game , I really enjoy it great work

The game has a very interesting concept but laking of good responsive mechanics makes it a bit hard to enjoy it 

a nice relaxing game , good for a game jam

cute little game 

a very funny game, I like your game design art style the last game you made and the new one both have something in similar 

Great work man 

5 starts for everything 

that's a what perfect game looks like 

That's the best use of the theme in the jam great work man very creative 

That's some great graphics here, the game is fun but a bit laggy but that's fair regarding the coolness of the graphics but maybe you should consider optimization techniques.

wow you have a keen eye for details , thanks for the feedback i am so happy you like it , and we are going to fix both camera and walls 

Your post made my day , i am so happy that you like it 

I am very happy to hear that you liked it , we will fix the camera for sure thanks for the feedback

Vert fair comment , glad you like it 

ah it's ok these things happen i wish you all the best 

it's so clear the amount of effort everyone has invested in the game  

This game should be named "Dark cube souls" 
it's just so hard that keeps the player frustrated and wanting more , I don't know that's a crazy game i like it 

I think you have a very interesting game idea but maybe the scope of the game was large for one person in a game jam, I am really looking forward to see an improved version of this game 

I like the art a lot , the gameplay is brilliant but it's a little buggy and unclear , i like the 3 bots idea 

Actually the game is so promising and something great might come out of it 

a Very cool idea guys, leaving your body behind is a novel idea 
and the gameplay is funny and very cool and that goes also for the visual and sound art

Great work team

Great work for one person

wow I can't believe this game was made in a game jam 
it's so engaging the story is really well written and keeps me excited till the last moment , great game i love it 

Wow such a cool art style you have here, the game does have a few bugs so it's ok for a game jam for sure , but if you are planning on continuing with this project here they are :
-the music does not play in the right time , some times music is silent , other times music is doubled i think the problem would be in starting the music in the awake event not the start 

- the switching between levels isn't so clear i thought the game is glitching 

- the dogs don't really follow you they just keep walking in their route 

Well that's an enjoyable game , sadly it's multiplayer and multiplayer games doesn't always fit in game jams i have played it alone , but the game looks really promising with an interesting new idea 

wonderful game very nice concept i enojoyed it 

I like the idea a lot the music and the art

but i got stuck in the third level and don't know what to do

I can't find the other one now , maybe i was wrong

That's how to make a funny game 

I like the voice over,cutscenes ,animations and the humor in it 

nice one 

so amazing game i like it good job

the art caught my attention but the game is obviously not ready yet

looking forward to seeing the finished version and I will follow you so i get it when you do

a really funny game and creative 

i like it well done

WOW all this was made by one person and no use of assets, the game idea is so nice, and entertaining the few levels here does show that they are well made and just populated with poor ideas

Great work man

do you have two submissions of the same game?

a funny game with a nice ideas and creative use of the theme

it just lacks gameplay