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Congratulation Bro

Yeah I Will Try To Make It Better And More Playable 

Thank You So Much

Thank You So Much

کورە  ئەتوو دری د

I Can't Find You, What About Your DiscordTag

by the way can we talk little bit please maybe in facebook or what ever

Thank You So Much,

Let Me Know If You Have Any Feedback Or Anything That Makes The Game Better.

Hello Nuishira

Thank You For Your Feedback,

Well The Game It Self Were My First Game So That Was Not In My Ability To Do What I Wanna Do To The Game, And Yeah The Camera Moves When The Rope Get Trough The Moving Circle That's Because When The The Rope Get In The Other Side Of The Circle It's Nearly Impossible To Pull It Out...., So I had To Do That So The Player Can See The Other Side Of The Circle To Get The Rope Out Easier,

One More Thing Is It Only A Bit Of Fun?? Just Kidding Thank You Again.

well believe me it's really  fun playing it and the only feedback from me is the quality make it better by giving it a flat design

your welcome

Potato Winner lol

i really like That Sentence "the ball to think that Earth is flat and nasa is a lie" lol