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oops I thought that was just a UI design change for some reason lol (I think it's because of the color change throwing me off)

Shouldn't this game use FloorMod? -2 % 10 is 8 not 2

character controller feels really slippery, i assume this isn't wall jumping because I can jump infinitely whenever

hitting the roof seems to think your on the floor?

used 3k mb of ram (I have 32gb of 3600 mhz ram) and windows crashed it when I tried rescaling it because it tried to address memory that didn't exist (you should prob add a range on that because that could be dangerous)

volume has no max

slider doesnt scale at the same rate as mouse movement so moving a bit makes it scale a lot (over scaling)

For those who have been wondering what has been going on with the game, I have gotten a game development job offer and have added a lot of new things to the game, I'm just a prefectist so I haven't released it until it's 100% good.

2 things im currently working on are: grapple hook sprite and squinting mechanic to look behind bushes and leaves.

Delaying this update for a while due to university exams


Don't explore too deep :)

Thank you!

do you plan on making more of these 16 color tilesets? i find them to be really cool and I like using them in my game (i use both)