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Monhamd muaed1000

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Your existence leaves a lot to be desired, fuckface.

A cute modern classic!

If you wanna promote a game, NEVER put a stupid Among us picture

A remake that's done right!

This REALLY could've been benefited for a Android port

Shut up and grow up.

And speaking of W.I.T.C.H., it's actually nice to see some fan content still going to this day.

Nevermind, it's actually enjoyable!

At least it's more honest than those crappy storytime videos on Youtube.

Heaven for the anime horndogs.

I gotta say, the artstyle rocks!

The uncanny models really leaves alot to be desired.

They're not so innocent, huh?

Not good

Why it looks so... outdated?

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I hope the creator of W.I.T.C.H would take it kindly if the girls got old in a potential reboot or a third season of the TV Show.

I will say, i did enjoy the game!

Enjoyed it to the point that i wanna beat the crap outta Cedric until he screams in pain and misery.

A fantastic demake ngl!

No offense, but it's the worst course by far.

This is Mozart compared to the rushed cringy original game.

A pretty well made VN for one of my favorite consoles!

I wonder if there'll be either a prequel or a sequel.

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The Game Over screen is giving me Nightmares.

An awesome shoot em' up that tests the Mega Drive's limits!

Good progress of a admirable port!

An awesome version of Dr.Mario but prettier!

An awesome anime styled Famicom RPG done right!

Splatterhouse could actually work on GBA rather than GB.

Truly a glorious fighting game!

We'll help the Priest with this one!

Pretty cool playing with Twin stick controllers!

Seems a bit messed up but other than that, i actually find this game pretty enjoyable and worth checking out!

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A worthy sequel of a already impressive game!

A well made adventure in monochrome style!

Pretty cool for a Zelda alternative!

You love fighting for your femboy?

Well, this is it!

Truly touching to the heart for a Gameboy game!

What about the English translated Japanese version of Contra?

And you dropped the ball by adding Bowsette, no one wants this abomination of a meme.

An RPG with horny witches sounds cool, but really this game deserves to have voice acting at one point!

A good game for horny fans of mages!

Oh boy, can't wait for a DMCA strike for this game