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Mohammad Khashashneh

A member registered Apr 13, 2016

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Salam guys,

Could you please verify whether you've reused the graphics and music assets or did you made them yourselves?
If reused, please share the source as with the Gamezanga condition number 6:

Hello guys, Could you please confirm whether you've reused your entry's music or did you create it yourself?
Your game is fairly simple by the way but engaging at the same time.

I'm surprised, This is not bad at all!

Anyone is able to run this game? I'm on Linux and using Wine and is only greeted with a black screen after the unity splash screen.

Unfortunately not working for me as well, freezes at the "Powered by Construct 2" screen.

Nice hook on how to control the platform rather than the player. a bit hard though

Good job ;)

للأسف استخدم لينوكس, سأحاول في المتصفح مرة اخرى

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reduced to 1 crew member and 25 something distance, then 2 jumps in a black hole and  failed

Nice game, good fit for the theme

يوجد مشكلة في نسخة المتصفح
استخدم firefox

Everybody, this game is by a 9 years old Suhaib!
You have a nice idea and execution there, but still needs some bug fixing to make it more playable
Good job :)

cucumbers aside, I loved the game! tight controls, good level design and thumbs up for using Haxe ;)

WOW finally someone supports Linux (running fine on Fedora 25)
WOW finally someone uses Godot
WOW good controls!
Made it to the finishing line with 117

Good job

Working fine, nice graphics, needs some directions on how to play. Good job

Funny and nice graphics :)

annoying bouncing effects on wall collision. Or is it on purpose?

Fast action, nice graphics and tight controls, but gameplay needs some tweaks like changing enemy attack pace and patterns.

أنا ايضا مصدوم (شيئ جيد) و الابتسامة ما زالت عالقة
لمن يريد خلفية عن اللعبة

Good Osama, the game is very basic so next time add more gameplay elements (enemies, more traps, more puzzles...)

Nice work in terms of control, selection and unit types, needs some level design (bottle necks, obstacles...) and as mentioned some AI. Good job

Above my expectations! nice level design, and real in it's message! Good job :)

This was an experience, great narrative, atmospheric setup and most importantly perfect fit for the GameZanga 2017 theme! Great job Got busted by the way :P

I like the flying mice animations!