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I had so much fun playing through the demo and The Friends We Left Behind, digging around for info, and considering all the elements of the story so far to think through theories about the missing children, the friends, and more! Will there be a sequel to TFWLB? The ending is such a cliffhanger, I have to know more! :)  

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked the video, and it was such a pleasure playing your game! 

Playable in 10 minutes, but I spent 2 days theorizing wild ideas about the inspiration behind the tree, what happened to a character in the game, and more. Loved the aesthetic and how open the game is to interpretation. 

I had a lot of fun playing through the game, learning about all the paintings in Vincent's apartment, and theorizing his backstory and a kinda out there theory about someone else in the game! 

I had a lot of fun theorizing about this game and thinking of scenarios to explain the circumstances we find ourselves in. Beautifully illustrated as always! 

I had so many theories and ideas about what was going on, but they kept changing as I looked into the clues of Part 1! Such an interesting, mysterious story, and I can't wait to play Part 2! 

Wonderful job xed and elien! 

I had so much fun playing this game and coming up with a pretty wild theory about it!

So excited to be playing one of your games again! Can't wait to play Mochi in Frosting next!!! 

Loved this game so far!!! ^ - ^ Tried to voice all the characters too, but I always kind of fail at that! XD 

This was such a fun arcade style game! Even though I'm horrible at helping Sajiko, I thought the concept was cool, and there's definitely some strategy needed to get the highest score ^ - ^

So I've managed to stay in the dark about DDLC until just recently, and can I just say that I'm really looking forward to seeing if the theories of a new game will be confirmed this year! Way to go on spooking me Team Salvato; I am now afraid of every technical glitch my crappy computer experiences. ^ - ^ 

An incredibly surreal game with beautiful art and music! Senior Waffles/Doggo is best boi. 

We had a lot of fun playing Recondite! We can't wait to finish it! :) -Mo and Kay

Thank you for asking us to play your game! We had a lot of fun, and the humor was great! Can't wait to see if you add more to it later on! 

Oh my gosh!!!! This was such a cuteeee game!!! We really related to Cici and her indecisiveness!!! Looking forward to earning the other endings as well! :D You're both such talented designers, and we are serious fans!!! <3 

Love, Mo and Kay ^ - ^ 

This game was hilarious!!! XD Seriously made my day! 

I absolutely had to play this after playing through Yurei Station! Another great story with beautifully drawn backgrounds!!! 

Keep up the amazing work Atelier Sento!!

We absolutely loved playing this game! :D It had such an eerie feel and the art was absolutely beautiful! The whole team did an amazing job :D

We finished it!!! What a cute ending!!! OwO I hope lots of people play it!!! <3

This is such a beautiful game! We had so much fun playing the first half! :D Can't wait to finish it ^ - ^

This was such a sweet game to play! I still have one more ending to get!!!

Getting ready to play Wandering Wolf Trick! :D SO excited you released a new game! <3

Unexpectedly chilling!!! Thank you for making this game! I had a lot of fun, even though I was a scared weenie most of the time! ^ - ^

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Congrats on Markiplier playing your game!! :D I played it back in October with a friend, but I forgot to show you :) Thanks again for making this "unique" game :P

lol it was definitely a challenge but I totally blame myself for not thinking about case sensitivity; I'm a terrible multitasker, so talking, playing, and thinking just don't go well together for me ^ - ^'

This game had such a great concept! I've gotta know though, were you a barista? ^ - ^ Vi is such a great character! Thanks again for making this really amazing game!

I had so much fun playing Hitogotchi! Can't wait for the expanded version! :D Thanks again for making such an awesome game! <3

Thank you again for letting me make a let's play of your amazingggg game! :D I had a lot of fun voicing Lavender and Rosalie ^ - ^

Thank you so much! :D I'll upload it Monday; I can definitely follow those guidelines ^ - ^

Hi there! I really loved this game; I'm a sucker for fairytale remakes! :D Would you mind if I made a let's play of your game? If not, I completely understand, but I wanted to ask first since you've got some great secrets in the game ^ - ^

OMG! Markiplier played your game! :D Congratulations! You all definitely deserved it:

Hi There! I Gave this game a try; it was really fun to play! :)

This game blew my mind. It felt very real; the voice actors really made the scenario believable! I'm sorry I couldn't pronounce the French texts though! Thank you for making this dark, but very important game! <3

Hi there! This was a really calming, fun game to play, and I added it to a highlights video of 5 games to help relieve stress. I hope you like it!

Hi there! I added your game to a highlights video of 5 games to relieve stress. I hope you like it! Your game really does help! :)

Got Wakabayashi's Bad ending this time! I hope the voices I gave the characters were okay!