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So excited to be playing one of your games again! Can't wait to play Mochi in Frosting next!!! 

Loved this game so far!!! ^ - ^ Tried to voice all the characters too, but I always kind of fail at that! XD 

This was such a fun arcade style game! Even though I'm horrible at helping Sajiko, I thought the concept was cool, and there's definitely some strategy needed to get the highest score ^ - ^

So I've managed to stay in the dark about DDLC until just recently, and can I just say that I'm really looking forward to seeing if the theories of a new game will be confirmed this year! Way to go on spooking me Team Salvato; I am now afraid of every technical glitch my crappy computer experiences. ^ - ^ 

An incredibly surreal game with beautiful art and music! Senior Waffles/Doggo is best boi. 

We had a lot of fun playing Recondite! We can't wait to finish it! :) -Mo and Kay

Thank you for asking us to play your game! We had a lot of fun, and the humor was great! Can't wait to see if you add more to it later on! 

Oh my gosh!!!! This was such a cuteeee game!!! We really related to Cici and her indecisiveness!!! Looking forward to earning the other endings as well! :D You're both such talented designers, and we are serious fans!!! <3 

Love, Mo and Kay ^ - ^ 

This game was hilarious!!! XD Seriously made my day! 

I absolutely had to play this after playing through Yurei Station! Another great story with beautifully drawn backgrounds!!! 

Keep up the amazing work Atelier Sento!!

We absolutely loved playing this game! :D It had such an eerie feel and the art was absolutely beautiful! The whole team did an amazing job :D

We finished it!!! What a cute ending!!! OwO I hope lots of people play it!!! <3

This is such a beautiful game! We had so much fun playing the first half! :D Can't wait to finish it ^ - ^

This was such a sweet game to play! I still have one more ending to get!!!

Getting ready to play Wandering Wolf Trick! :D SO excited you released a new game! <3

Unexpectedly chilling!!! Thank you for making this game! I had a lot of fun, even though I was a scared weenie most of the time! ^ - ^

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Congrats on Markiplier playing your game!! :D I played it back in October with a friend, but I forgot to show you :) Thanks again for making this "unique" game :P

lol it was definitely a challenge but I totally blame myself for not thinking about case sensitivity; I'm a terrible multitasker, so talking, playing, and thinking just don't go well together for me ^ - ^'

This game had such a great concept! I've gotta know though, were you a barista? ^ - ^ Vi is such a great character! Thanks again for making this really amazing game!

Thanks for letting me do a let's play of this! I don't think I found the secret you were talking about, but it was still really fun finding the clues! :D

I had so much fun playing Hitogotchi! Can't wait for the expanded version! :D Thanks again for making such an awesome game! <3

Thank you again for letting me make a let's play of your amazingggg game! :D I had a lot of fun voicing Lavender and Rosalie ^ - ^

Thank you so much! :D I'll upload it Monday; I can definitely follow those guidelines ^ - ^

Hi there! I really loved this game; I'm a sucker for fairytale remakes! :D Would you mind if I made a let's play of your game? If not, I completely understand, but I wanted to ask first since you've got some great secrets in the game ^ - ^

OMG! Markiplier played your game! :D Congratulations! You all definitely deserved it:

Hi There! I Gave this game a try; it was really fun to play! :)

This game blew my mind. It felt very real; the voice actors really made the scenario believable! I'm sorry I couldn't pronounce the French texts though! Thank you for making this dark, but very important game! <3

Hi there! This was a really calming, fun game to play, and I added it to a highlights video of 5 games to help relieve stress. I hope you like it!

Hi there! I added your game to a highlights video of 5 games to relieve stress. I hope you like it! Your game really does help! :)

Got Wakabayashi's Bad ending this time! I hope the voices I gave the characters were okay!

Ohhhh okay ^ - ^ thanks for the hint~ Challenge accepted! Do I have permission to make a let's play of your game?

Hi there! I tried playing through your comic but I couldn't get it to start after the homepage.

Is there something I should be doing specifically?


As soon as I saw the title screen, I knew I had to play this! This was sooo much fun (and pretty challenging at the last part!) Great job making this in such a short time guys!

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Yassssss! I'm so glad you made another game for Halloween! I played through Jam's ending, and I can't wait to play through the others! You are a wonderful game designer Nami, and DarkChibiShadow did a fantastic job on the background! Sooooo beautiful! <3 As always, I hope you like the voices! I kind of panicked because the characters are so cute, I didn't feel like I made them as adorable as they should be ;n;

Lol sorry that's what happens with my brain on 3 hours of sleep and a lot of caffeine ^ - ^ It was so fun and challenging!

This was so much fun! Thanks for making a cute/amazing/shoot 'em up game for Halloween!

Just wanted to say that I FINALLY started to play this amazing game, and I absolutely love it! I hope I did Space's personality justice with my voice acting; can't wait to finish playing and to get all the endings! Thank you for making such a fantastic, beautiful piece of art! :D