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Oh thanks for passing by, we are so glad you liked it!

We loved what we have seen so far of Dystopicon. Also, that idea sounds very cool for the setting, hope we see more of your game in the near future.

Wish you the best of luck with development! ♥

Glad it helped you, it's all custom made, we haven't used any package other than the post processing one.

The entire screen it's just a cool shader with an UI behind, you can take a look at our github, altho it's probably not the best solution, it works for our little game.  Hope you find it usefull :)

Thanks for trying our game and share it with the world :) altho we are so sorry you had such a bad experience, i'll look into improving the low frame rate experience.

Have a nice day ♥

OMG! we loved your video! thanks for taking your time with our game ♥ 

hope you have a nice day! :)

Thanks for your comment, im glad you liked the concept :D

But yeah, we should do some kind of gameplay or wiki, it looks like the game is very confusing for everyone, i'll look into that sooner than later

Thanks for your kind words, we  appreciate your criticism. Will look into creating some kind of handbook to help explaining our game :D

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Hey mate, i have just updated my game, so now it have a different control system so no matter what keyboard do you have, if you want to try it now feel free :D

Thanks for your comment ^^ it looks like some keyboards dont support that many keys pressed at the same time, i am trying to solve that problem, the game just consist in matching the hands form before them collide with your hands, but you cant even start it without full closing your hands before, im so sorry :(