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Yep - that's our tax system alright.

Yeah there were some tax related problems with, so we disabled the purchasing here for now (EU tax law is a bit complicated). They changed something lately and I think it's now safe to re-enable it but I just didn't have the time to do it yet. But it's on my list ;)

Not yet - but I'll put that in the wiki as soon as it is live!

Hi Axemall! At the moment there are 118 different block types and 47 different item types in the game. I plan to set up a wiki describing every item and block type in detail. Stay tuned!

Almost - I'm working hard on being able to release it as First Access next Wednesday. :D

Thank you! :D

I didn't update the price - I just removed the placeholder downloads for the First Access Release and that somehow also removed the price ;) But I'll add new files/keys for Steam when we do the release (in a few days).

Hi Axemall! We still plan on releasing in late July (if everything goes well). If you wanna stay up to date follow us on Facebook:

Hi Axemall - thanks for your interest in the game's progress. Yes the game is progressing well. We are currently adding a lot of items and new block types, making sure the modding interface is sound and creating the dungeon generation system. But still we are a few months away from alpha release.

You can follow the game's progress on twitter (@moebiusdev) or on our Facebook page:

sorry, we are not ready for a demo yet. But you'll be informed as soon as we go live - please be patient, the game is just a lot of work, and I don't wanna release something that doesn't show the game's full potential. Also, my offer of giving you your money back still stands.

Sorry, for some reason I didn't receive any updates from, so I overlooked your comments. I develop the game on my own, so it is a lot of work to keep track of everything. If you want your money back that can of course be arranged - but rest assured, that I'm working on the game day and night! Early-Access release is set for April 2017.

In general this is a good idea, but Xcylin the game is also basically a mod, or rather a world template for the Xcylin engine, so I think disabling modding is not really an option. But I will look into it, maybe there is a way ...

We are working hard on Xcylin and could release an pre alpha version, but as Xcylin is moddable we don't want to release a version where the modding interface is not mostly finished. That would lead to modders being very disappointed when they need to completely rework their mods with later versions of the game. But rest assured that we will release Xcylin as soon as it is possible! :)

I think you will also be informed via when we launch the alpha. :)

Thank you for your purchase. We plan an alpha release later this year.

Please follow us on Twitter (@xcylin or @moebiusdev) to get the release as soon as it comes out. Of course you will also get the final build, once we release it!

Xcylin uses better textures, special liquid shaders and also uses blocks that are not cube shaped, so I think the hd5500 will not handle this game very well :/ But I'm working on low-end settings, so maybe(!) it will be possible that Xcylin runs at 30 fps on a hd5500 later in the development.

Cool idea! Perfectly synced with the music! I love it! :)

Yes, you are right. I plan to release a demo version when the alpha is released.

I guess you think that all blocky games are like Minecraft, right? That is about as true as the statement that all RTS games are like Command & Conquer. I hope you will revise your opinion once you have the opportunity to play the game. :)