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A really great style! These things had a feeling of surprise and energetic joy to them that's was great to see

fairly sure we used the character portrait hack!


I also like to fly outside the sky and into the void

a game full of relatable feels!!! this was very sweet and heartfelt :3

Oh I didn't realize there was a game too!!! This is so great oh I love the art here

The vibes are impeccable... I just get a warm feeling reading and experiencing these

:3 thank you!

i am simply having the time of my life

omg brainworms and silver lining <3 delightful

thank you :3

Im so glad you liked it! :D

gosh thank you! :D :D


thank you :3 I really wanted to get those vibes across!

oh I am SO in for this

I laughed so hard I went to superhell

this is so damn good... the art of it all was fantastic and that slightly sweet, hopeful end??? yes please this really is a gift


this started me tearing up before I even launched the game :3

heart achingly beautiful gosh.... I feel myself tearing up

I really like the background! the whole package is just so... good at setting the mood

yeah! It's like a tool that I can use to examine my own brain and perceptions, you know?

that's really fantastic to hear! I really like the idea of bringing often very opaque symbolism to people

oh absolutely, that's now I like to do readings - they usually end up as a dialogue where we tease out how things might apply and how we both see the world really

thanks! I hope it came off organically, I tried to write as stream of conscious-y as possible

this is fantastic news! thank you for your hard work and I cant tell you how many times ive used image to bitsy to save my skin :D

this is awesome! I cant wait to see how it turns out :D

Omg "she returned with friends" is such a good title

liked and subscribed


crabs are ALWAYS a good idea


it wasnt as difficult as I was afraid of! just takes a bit more time to setup the tiles 

T_T oof my feelings <3 very heartfelt

ok "She advises you not to worry" is an entire story in a sentence :D lovely little snapshot!

Fantastic! love the style on these <3

OH YEAH and also I appreciated the puzzle-y elements! those are often really hard to pull off and it feels very natural here :3

full of charm and adorable characters! ADORE the use of the frame, and the music gives the whole experience this calming, wistful feeling

oh my god this is amazing?????????????