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Hey as always great content. Is the layout exactly the same as in your Zines!? I don't get why you release the caves solo if they are already in the Zines...this is just for clarification.. I already bought both anyway :D

Thank you for posting...sorry I was so bussi :D

Hey I really love the progress you make with all your generators. As I encounter the same issue again and again I would like to ask, if there is an option that no settlements or other points of interest are on the edges of the map. I hace this so often...even the name isn't fully readable. Thank you in advance!!! :D

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hey any news on the PDF with all the paper minis and a zip file with tokens for VTT? Just curious…

Is Card Forge still on? It keeps loading but nothing is happening...

Only a small step for mankind but a giant leap for me :D Cheers!!!

Hey thanks for this awesome tileset. Sad to say I have a little issue with this tileset. I imported them the way I imported the Cartography Kit images but all the tiles are slightly rotated to the right so the don't fit the tiles horizontally...could use some help! :D