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Hold and Press the attack button

Talk to me on discord, im GM Hadok. So I can help you make it work:

hm not really. just have it plugged in before you start the game.

did controller work?

Hey Milton, how are you? Dev here, I didnt add PS4 compatibility because I dont have one, one day when I am at a friends house (that has ps4) I will add the compatibiity..

Thats odd, Attack Keys Are 'Q' 'W' 'E' (like LoL) and movement use the arrows.
Also, you can play with an XBox360 controller.

Simsos, version 22 is the latest version. New version coming up next week.

Hello @dustball, sorry for that. We forgot about it. I am updating the version right now. It will be up in some minutes.
Thanks for reaching us!

Hello @Knightofzeentch, you are right. I will update the version right now.
As for your login problem, please check send us an email to if you need help.
But registering in website you should be able to play with the other players.