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The method i found out was to play the game fullscreen.

is this game compatible with a xbox one controller?

imma get this out of the way "link to my video" there we go, now what i think...

Imma be honest, this game it really confusing and should give some hints and to what to do, the crystal thingy does not seem to be any useful other then make enemy's spawn in a room and try and kill you.

Developer, in the next update, please make that crystal have some sort of use to the game.

Thank you


I don't really know if you know this, but there is a Mac version for the game!

Game does not work...

beta key M8

Soo i finally finish this game after 3 videos...

btw i was wondering if there will be anymore updates?

Absolutely enjoyed playing this game

My Video

Made a Video!

Has some potential

change the controls to WASD. i really dont like the way it is now

Here my video on this game...

Btw you need the targeting system to be with the mouse.

over all great and fun game!