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Thanks for testing the game. And playing it. Most importantly you enjoyed it.

And i think too that the restart scene should be a fast one, after testing the game i figured that the restart scene should be shorter if not removed at all, and just replacing it with some flash light to restart the level, so that the player don't lose the momentum.

really great and fun game, though my computer couldn't run it very well but it was playable.

Good work man.

just fall, then press right and up at the same time you well be sticking to the platform.

Thank you very much for the advice, i guess to that i need to work 1/2 of the time on the game core than the other is for polishing and debugging.

Yes, level 1 is passable. I had a problem with the decreasing value of the stamina if it was 0.1 higher the game will be too easy and you can fly for ever, so i make it 0.1 lower to make the game harder since it's already hard lol.

Thank you very much for playing, and the advice is to implemented in my next game jam project.

Lol, yeah the game is very difficult but it's not impossible.

Thanks you very much of the video and playing really appreciate it. 

There are some platforms that don't have collision so that the player may fall and lose from them as of trap, but there were many bugs i encountered maybe you got in one of them lol.

Thank you very much for playing.

Well it's  a circle in a square world, the game had a lore were circles were living with them self's only so do for squares triangles and the rest of shape then the world of each shape mixed together with each other. But nothing of that saw the light. So the game follows the theme by having a circle in a squares only world.

Thanks for playing .   

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Cat Mario was my inspiration. And these two levels were originally 5 levels but duo to short time,  I took  what was working and smashed them together.

Thank you very for playing ad finishing the game, beside of me you are the only person who has finished it, and in only six deaths, really great job.