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How many positions(sex scenes) are there in the game right now? as of update 0.924? Is it just missionary

Dev's tried so hard to make this game funny. It sorta is, because it's a parody I guess

uhhhh, interesting

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Slightly complicated to find everyone, the game assumes you know where everything is, Dev should definitely "remind" the MC where what is, like Stephanie or her office. 

Game is really weird. Lots of gore and blood, not suggested for the weak stomach lol

Great game! Super good visually and story rests in an incredible fashion! Can't wait for more content :)

Incredible story :) Loved it

Simply a terrible game to rake in some money for 3d renders.

Week 2
Lacey passed in Week 1, but failed in Week 2
She said "I failed again?"

Lacy asked if I'd tutor her the next week. Only option I had was to accept it. This is what I got :

The game clearly wasn't ready to be launched.

Incredibly weird lol

you're 12 why are you spending your time on itch lol

would've been nice to have a PC version

Incredible :D

the public release update is here :)

Yep :/

I need more of these games, wow :D
What is this gerne of games called??

Yeah, I broke it

The controls are literally written on the game page... It's:

Z key or (A on controller) - Confirm

The controls are literally written on the game page... It's:

Z key or (A on controller) - Confirm

Great game and ideas! :D
Enjoyed playing throughout each bounty :)

I'm guessing you gotta take only discipline actions for the whole run and stuff. Might get different endings, I'm not sure 

Animation transitions are made very well :D

Noticed Yukine's model was duplicated after I chose the "Writer" choice as my previous job, not sure if it also happens with other professions.

It would also be a lovely idea to be able to remove some people from your contact list :D

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This game has unlimited potential, cannot wait! What should we expect from an upcoming update?

Got fucked in my ass in 2 minutes of gameplay, where's the gay disclaimer, jesus fucking christ

Great content. I especially love the random objects in the pictures, like a photo of a single spoon LOL

dissapointed wherrre fuc

Game is great, crafting, scavenging and fighting mechanics seem just flawless.

The sex scenes are amazing, helping go off multiple times, omg x)

* * SPOILERS * *

Story after finding the hopsital..? Lab..? That whole chapter became such a shit show, it honestly had so much more potential from the very beginning...

It got so overwhelming after reaching Respect Level 1!

Lots of detail and good mechanics though.

Do cookies contain chocolate?

If so, I'll definitely playing it

would be cool to have a browser version :D

Interesting plot and characters :D
Looking forward for future updates

uhhh.... ok