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I have always loved games where there is an emphasis on good story, together with the action or horror. For example, Alan Wake is one of my favorite games because it is not only horror but a fascinating story as well. I hope, with this game, to be able to create some of that deep story, and of course, all very much embedded in horror also :)

Hi Martijn. I am glad it worked. The previous version of the software (which you downloaded), did change the process priority, but only once on startup, and needed to be run every time the game is started. I have not released the fully automatic, permanent Windows Service to make the process completely hands-off when I did the initial release, because Windows services can be a bit difficult sometimes and I wanted to do more testing. But I have now, for anyone who wants to try it, even though it is early, released the Windows Service as well. I would appreciate feedback, to see if this works for everyone. So if you want to, you are welcome to download the new update, and see if the Windows Service works for you, to make this a permanent hands-off experience. Please note though that I consider this a very early version, I have not completed all internal testing.

Good day. I have just released a new build, which includes a Windows Service (, which completely automates the process prioritization. No need to even click once on the console tool, the process will run in the background and make sure that your Flight Sim and DCS processes are always on high priority.

Just download and extract somewhere, and follow instructions.txt.


Hi Martijn. No you are doing it correctly, the tool should 'just work'. The most likely cause is that you do not have .NET Core 3.1 installed, or there may be something wrong with your existing .NET Core installation. 

You can try to re-install by downloading and running this installation package from Microsoft:

Please let me know if that works. If you are still having issues, I will prioritize finding a solution for you.

Thanks, have a good day,


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Developer Note: Upcoming release will allow you to launch your flight sims from one convenient location with a single button click, and process priority will of course be automatically set for you as well.

Thank you to Overkill Simulations for the suggestion! Check out his channel:

Very good job with this game. Thanks for sharing this.

No problem, and thank you for explaining. :)

Oh. Well, that's really confusing! Thanks, I will submit my entry right away.

I have been working hard after work on my entry for the last few days, not aware that you were going to close the entries early. I read that the submission date was Friday. I just finished my entry, and going to your website to submit it, I read that you reached your limit of 20 submissions and I cannot enter.
I entered via, but I don't know if my game is an entry, because I only published it now.

In the future, please state these kinds of things very clearly. I spend many hours on my game to finish something before Friday, spending time on my entry instead of spending time with my family who also wanted my attention, because, as I said, the closing date was Friday, according to everything I read. Only to learn now that entries are closed.

Sorry for sounding unhappy. I am not very happy at the moment.

For what it's worth, here is my game:

Could you please tell me if I did make it into the competition or not?


Very nice :)

Thank you for your both understanding and detailed reply. I was expecting that my comment would be seen as negative, and it was not meant in a negative way towards you guys; it was just meant to say that I feel that clearly, art sells games, as you say. I am impressed at your reply and your understanding.

And I do understand that your game is not JUST art with almost no other work, I know that everything is a lot of effort, even simple things. Especially in programming, every little thing was someone making it work. I know you worked hard on this and for that effort, especially the art, I can say I am OK with you having won. I definitely do not want to take the win away from you - I just feel that your game probably won on one true merit - the art - alone, which to be honest I feel is something the Epic Games judges should perhaps change slightly. I was just saying that I think the question that the judges of the ultimate Epic game jam should ask themselves about the number one game, is "is this game the best technical achievement", and not "is this game the prettiest".

Again, NOT that your game is just art and nothing else, I understand that. I just feel out of all the submissions, your game was not the best technical achievement.

That said, I accept that you won and I appreciate that you did a lot of work, not only with art but in general. Well done, and keep up the good work. I hope you can use this win, to take your studio to great heights and successes.

Happy new year as well!



Although this may seem harsh, it is not really. Not on you as a team. It may be harsh on the Epic Games judges, but not on you. But my honest opinion is that I do not agree with your game being the winning entry. The art is well done, and that is all; apart from the art, you have little more than a third-person character running and jumping and some basic enemies that does nothing but chase the player. Since your game won, I am now of the strong opinion that the judges gives much more credit to art, than to anything else. And to be honest, in a game jam, which is at least as much about software development as it is about art, I think this is not appropriate.

Note though, that you are clearly very good artists, and I commend you for that. It is a skill that I envy!

I do however think that given that your game is little more than a third-person character running and jumping, and even for the running part you used Dynamic Locomotion and not something you wrote yourself, that this is not a technical accomplishment at all. An artistic one sure; but this game screams 'art' where I think, in a game jam winning entry, the entry should scream 'technical accomplishment' or 'gameplay' first and art a close second, close but still second.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my view on this. A win is still a win, and I congratulate you on winning! I am sorry if it feels like I am saying 'you did not deserve to win', which, to be honest, I guess is what I am saying :). But I am not saying it against you. My entry to the jam was such a waste and junk, I did not deserve to win either, not nearly as much as you did, it was junk. Your game is orders of magnitude better than mine. So, I guess all I am trying to say is that I am disappointed in Epic for being blinded by the ability of 5 artists to push out large amounts of good looking art, and them losing sight of what a game jam is all about.

By the way, I think that your game would have been a worthy winner with just little effort. Interesting dynamic puzzles, some basic mechanics, just a couple of things to demonstrate that you can develop more interesting gameplay elements, and I would feel you deserved to win. I just really struggle to consolidate your winning against many other entries, and good ones, when your game is little more than an empty dead world with nice art.

If you are going to develop this game further, which I hope you do, I recommend you focus on story, and gameplay (maybe puzzles or a more dynamic world with crumbling cliffs or things like that). And as beautiful as it is, the world seems very static, I recommend you make it alive.

My rant is over now. Let me end with saying this is still a great artistic accomplishment in the little time you had. So good work, very good, despite my belief that you should not have won. And you did so, congratulations! I hope you continue working on this game and making it really amazing, I can see that being possible!

Hehehehe, Cattaca, that is a great name man!

Nice game!

Hi there! I downloaded your game but I am unable to click on "Start Game", there is no mouse pointer :(