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I thought this was budget osu!

I couldn't help myself, I had to use it! 

Well done! Pretty cool game.


Pretty good game. Took me some time to figure out how to control the game but that is probably because I skipped a page that was explaining it.  Gameplay and visuals are well made along with the audio. Overall, I enjoyed the game.

Totally, absolutely no bats

The visuals are decent (I would add that the enemies sprite has a square of the background's color around it so when it goes over a door or the score then it shows it & also I think there is no reason for the player to be rotating). The gameplay wasnt that good tho, you can spam left click + space towards random directions and you literally cant loose until you stop. I would add a 1-2 second cooldown so that you cant just afk in the middle and spam, I would also make it so over the time more and more enemies spawn to make it harder since the game is too easy and you can get bored in a couple of minutes. Hope my feedback helps!

Really good game. The visuals arent the best but they fit perfectly for this type of game! Its amazing how you made a puzzle game that isnt that easy with only 1 extra mechanic. The audio suits the game perfectly and I really enjoyed playing the game until the end. I would add a couple more levels and a "You WIn!" screen but Im guessing you didnt have the time.

Very good game, I really like the plot twist of you being the power up.  The gameplay is almost prefect (Sometimes you are forced to loose a life because of how the entities spawn). The visuals aren't the best but for a 3D game made in 3 hours, they are pretty good (I would add walls or something around the sides because it looks really bad). The music fits the game perfectly. This is a great game and I think it can win the game jam!

The gameplay and visuals are nice but the king cant be checked or checkmated and can be captured before other pieces remain. Also, if only the knights remain in the game then since they cant capture eachother the game cant end. Unfortunately there is no sound. This game has much potentual tho and its really cool that it was made in PICO-8.

The visuals & gameplay are both nicely made (I really like the particles that the slimes make), only thing I would add is to make a "How to Play" (or something like that) button at the start and put the credits below it because it looks really unorganized. The audio was nice but it was a little too loud. Overall a great game! In the future, you should add some from of currecny you can collect while avoiding & collecting globs, it would really add to the game.

Thanks :D

This game has no bugs but is very simple. There is no main menu, "You died!" screen or audio but I surprisingly had quite some fun for 3-5 minutes.

For the time spent, the visuals and the gameplay are fairly decent (I really liked the ghost feature) except from some minor things (the w key doesn't work for jumping, the spikes on the level with the key sometimes dont work, in the level with the key you cant reach the top so you have to do this weird wall climbing that looks bizarre). The audio, though, is just a looped 5 second sound that resets everytime you loose (it can get really annoying). Overall, this game was enjoyable.

Please comment if you find any bugs!

Thanks :>

I think there should be a place where the people that have participated in this jam or are interested in playing the games in it can talk. A discord server for example.