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That's exactly it. I think the slider scaling with the items would be a HUGE improvement! Thanks so much!!

BTW, he got to see the update tonight for the first time and he was so excited when he seen all the new stuff! Then I showed him the night scene with the towers and how the lit up and he ran out of the room to find his mom to tell her all about it. lol. He loves it to say the least!

Thanks again for your help and putting a smile and joy on our faces!

Hello, I made a comment on the Steam page about my son and his vision disability and was asked to make a thread here by Dr. Whoop DSc.

My son is 6 and has Bilateral Coloboma's, retinal detachment in his right eye and his vision is 2400. He doesn't play games because he can't see all the action going on on the screen. That said he LOVES Tracks! He loves trains, planes and automobiles and he will sit at my computer forever if I'd let him, building away. 

He uses KB+M (Like a boss!) but the issue is that he loses the cursor. I've turned on "find cursor" in windows but it's fast and hard to see but he eventually finds it. I've increased the size of the cursor and turned on the contrast mouse cursor in windows and it's helped but I'd love to have an option to increase the cursor even further. To be honest with you, an option to make it glow would be the best! It's plenty big on screen, it's just finding it when he hits space bar that's the issue.  

The other thing is the slider bar on the toy box. I love how I can make the items larger, a great help by the way, but the slider on the bottom is so thin that he has a very hard time clicking on it. It has a good black boarder around it so he can find it pretty quick but that lack of depth perception combined with a 6 year olds mouse control  leaves him frustrated a lot of the time. 

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this. Thanks for responding to my thread on steam and we appreciate the hard work you guys put into the game! I'm an avid gamer and it's the only game I can play with him that he takes interest in. 

P.S. Forgot to mention, Yes, I've tried to have him use a controller. He gave it a shot and it lasted maybe 30m before he asked for the keyboard again.