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yes I do it says, MSVCP140D was not found, whatever that means

this game is really amazing, to me I like it more the holocure mainly cause I hate vampire survivors but I love RPG games even old style ones, the music and the way council talk is very funny, also the ending damn had me in tears 

one last thing, is it a hard RPG game cause I am not good at them but I love hololive soo much

is the game finished

i want to be the first to say it, it does not load up

I look forward to it, really enjoyed hentai quest and I look forward to see how this game turns out

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if this game was on steam I would buy it in a instant, unfortunately I don't put bank or even credit cards on sites like this one and even gamejolt, love the sites but I prefer to buy my games on steam and GOG, I trust them more 

I have no idea who the other characters are but I will still play them

take your time with the game, if it takes long to fully release then its fine cause by the game so far, I'm sure it's gonna be good

i look forward to future updates, just like the korra game i am having fun with this too

so is it finished?

can't wait to play the full release of the game

i'll give it another shot when the game is out before i give my honest review, cause the game is good just would love to enjoy the story more but the gameplay is super tedious and the annoyance of enemy encounters does ruin the fun of exploration, other than that the story is quite good and art style is beautiful  

will it include free roam and maybe like diffulcty option

i actually enjoyed that, although i do wish that vaggie and charlie were there too and that the music had more variety but other than that it was really good

ok music from the RE games is cool and the style is quite good however the biggest flaw is that the punches and kicks do not work, why not a gun or a sword, for that its only worth a two star rating 

i really hate rape but i do love the game so far, can't wait till its finished and its good to hear from you, hope your doing well

that's nice and all but you don't own the show, asking for money from a show you didn't create is very low, your basically using someone's idea to get paid

thank you, ok so far quite good, its weird seeing resident evil as a visual novel but this works, followed for future updates

first you had my interest but now you have my erection

well like with korra when you could get some sweet girl on girl action i kinda would like to see starfire and raven do it or maybe starfire and blackfire or both and even terra and jinx into the mix too

can i make some suggestions on H-scenes?

its ok just finished it now and i enjoyed it so far, hope for more scenes like your last game

i'm not good with hints also where about is the guide? loved the guide in korra was really helpful

also is there a guide too?

loved korra game and i can't wait to see where this one goes

ok not sure if its finished but if not then well it has a long way to go before becoming good, the intro was funny and cute too, the art style not amazing but not bad, but the combat is the worst in RPG history and the fact that most of the moves make no senses, there's a better hololive RPG game called dream labyrinth which is sometimes annoying but way more fun, also a difficulty option would be nice for the bad combat, would only give it two stars for now might change with a update

Zombie's Retreat 2 community · Created a new topic cheats

the game is good but too annoying, the last one had cheats to make it playable but if this had cheats then it would be easier and a difficulty system too

the game is pretty dead

almost a year old and still crap

just meh

well that sucked, no sound and no clue on where to go

is there like a walkthrough guide? cannot figure the puzzles out and it really stops the gameplay there

that sucks, your games are the best

not a bad game but not for me, it is way too difficult and way too many enemy encounter's actually the difficulty isn't a problem its the enemy encounter's that get annoying fast, this game to me is only like a 4 or 3 stars cause I just want to free roam without constant fighting all the time, still not bad but needs a bit more polish to it

game crashes after the first boss

how do i open up the game?

why is this removed on gamejolt?