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Thank you for making and sharing this. I hope it has eased some of the pain in some way. It's a real and beautiful game and im so sorry about everything you went through, both stuff in this game and not

what an incredible game! from the art to the writing to the atmosphere it's just wonderful. and what am amazing demo!

this was beautiful and relatable and hard hitting and powerful. it was also really interesting as someone who hasnt thought about what being trans in the medical field would be like. thank you for this work, it was incredible. your impact is precious

i gasped when i read in the making of that arzan's name used to be arezou lolll i suppose you were going to make him and his husband persian & ended up it just being his husband? (shahnaz & firuz are very persian names and farrokhzad was just incredible persian) but it made me really happy to see a middle eastern gay character in a game (especially a persian specifically since I am myself). but thats just stuff that i wanted you to know i appreciated. this game was incredible and it took me way too long to realize the different parts were from different timelines. it was little confusing at first but it was really cool to go back to different sections and see what i knew compared to when i first played it