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there needs to be a buy max option, i have a few thouzand and these pears cost 5, i dont want to buy forever

its impossible to play this game, i start simple with the cheapest stuff, but i have to pay twice at the end of the month and instantly lose. i literally cant get past the first floor, its a big death trap. please balance the game! its unplayable

this is a good observation but even when i get perfect rolls i dont do enough damage and i gave up on the game before you comment because the luck barrier was too high and i just couldn't make it past the forest

problem is computers cant just find thing that's not how it works. they don't have eyes. sadly the solution is beyond my current knoledge

gambler is very underpowered and the forest is extremly difficult and you have to literally die to get the enchidna ill update you on how hard gambler is