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Ok. Is it on Steam 2?

I hope the fullversion has Game Settings & a MP later too.

That's lame.


I thought the Name of the Game was I have no Mouth but I must Scream?

When comes the Fullversion?

I follow you on IndieDB & send ya a Friend-Request. Btw., that Game's really good but it needs more potential.

A sexy Babe.
Very lovely.


Yeah, it's.
But I don't know why it's happend.


Ok, nice.
And thanx.
& the Babes're all very hot and sexy.
And you should fix the Bugs in the Game, like flying around when hit a car & flying around when we're driving ourself and hit by the traffic.
I mean, it's fun to see but not really good.

You should put some more options in the Game.
Like config the keyboard & stuff.
And how 'bout you add some swimming?
And when's it coming finally on Steam?


Schauerland says, the Jumpscares shouldn't be, you could've build the athmosphere better up.

You ceated that maze from the Win95 Maze, right?

How do I get the gallery artwork from or with the hot librian?
She's very sexy, btw.

You should add a Save Mechanic.
To save the Game, ya know.


Why do you make such sick Games & why's it a P. T. Clone again?

It's a Game 'bout Sev the german YTer.
Watch his channel, because he's more or less really funny. XD

X'D XD :'D :D

When's your Game done here?

Why was your Game canceled or whatever from Steam?
Because I can't find it there.

I did & I follow you on FB.
Can I've your FC (Friend Code), please?

Buh, I only played story from the queen & after that the story from the girl.
It would be great if some or you could make the original Game or upload it here.

I can't find the Game on Steam. :'(

McKracken not Cracken.

It's on NewGrounds (NG) too.

That Game's on Steam too.

Your account doesn't exist anymore. :'(

Ah, okay.
Damn, that's really bad.
But she's too damn hot & sexy.
Not good too.
Btw., I've found something out.
With special contents or whatever in the settings.

Why isn't your Game on Steam anymore?

Ah, okay.

When's the game complete?
And ca we do something with the secretary or whatever she's in the library 2?
& if so, when?
You can write or answer me on Steam too, if you like.
And're you on FB too?

That's Mr. SennHeiser. XD :D