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Ah, okay.
Damn, that's really bad.
But she's too damn hot & sexy.
Not good too.
Btw., I've found something out.
With special contents or whatever in the settings.

Why isn't your Game on Steam anymore?

Ah, okay.

When's the game complete?
And ca we do something with the secretary or whatever she's in the library 2?
& if so, when?
You can write or answer me on Steam too, if you like.
And're you on FB too?

That's Mr. SennHeiser. XD :D

Will you upload that game on Steam too?

Is that the game to the Song?

That's from Animal Crossing: New Horizon, right?

Isn't that a Fallout 4 like Mod?

When or whatever's the game complete or done?

Could you send the Steam Link, please?

That's the same House like from House Party, right?

Is that the same House from The Open House aka House Party & maybe a few other Horrorgames with that House?

Awesome & spooky at the same time.

Looks a bit like the Yandere Simulator.

Can you please give us the Steam Link too?

Why's here no download button?

Tag-LGBT #lgbt Nice Game. Do you know Pity Party? It's a bit like or similiar to your game.


Are you on FB (FaceBook) & Tumblr too?

It's not really official on Steam.

Nice, thanx.

Could you send me the Steam Link, please?

When's the Fullversion out?
And's that on Steam too?

When's the fullversion out?

Stardew Valley Flair.

That game looks a bit like Stardew Valley

I think there's a Text Adventure with the same Name like that.
Or it exist 1.

How many games're you making or do you create?

Where's the Download Link?

Why can't I download it? 

I follow you on SoundCloud 2.

Ah, ok.

Ik habe dat LP von Rupty (Corrupted) gesehen & fand's schlecht.
Ich mein, erst war's so lala und dann so gegen Ende war's ganz schön gruselig.
Aber ik finde du solltest den gesprochenen Text noch mal ändern damit sieht wer was spricht oder wer überhaupt spricht.
Und die Schnelligkeit des Textes

That's the baddest & worst game ever. Sev played it and found it really disgusting.

Good Evening. sure I did but with invisible Ink. Understand? XD

Okay, I post them but don't know why they're not visible.