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I follow you on SoundCloud 2.

Ah, ok.

Ik habe dat LP von Rupty (Corrupted) gesehen & fand's schlecht.
Ich mein, erst war's so lala und dann so gegen Ende war's ganz schön gruselig.
Aber ik finde du solltest den gesprochenen Text noch mal ändern damit sieht wer was spricht oder wer überhaupt spricht.
Und die Schnelligkeit des Textes

That's the baddest & worst game ever. Sev played it and found it really disgusting.

Good Evening. sure I did but with invisible Ink. Understand? XD

Okay, I post them but don't know why they're not visible.

You must scroll up a little bit, because I've send 2 posts. The empty 1 & that one with specs.

Lunchtime or CoffeeTime. Are you alright? Here're my PC Specs:

Morning or Lunchtime. It boots but only what I see's a blank or white screen.

You can't, because my PC's by my grandpa at the moment.

LunchTime. How's going? I can't play the game because the screen's white and I can't see anything. Could you fix that with the next update, please?

Evening. Yeah, you could with the next Demo Update activate the Settings menu & the backpack.

Good Evening. When's the fullversion out?

Good Evening. How's going & what makes the weather? Ah, okay. But I mean if You're on Steam and not the game?

Are you on Steam too or only here?

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P. T.???