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Hello, thank you so much for checking out my game! It really means a lot to me. :)

I do in fact have a sequel planned, and I'm working on it now! It'll be a little while before it's ready, but if you're following me on itch, you'll know when I release it!

Hello class, please click here to download and review EJ and Troy's project.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it!! <3

Underrated game with a solid interpretation of the theme and a cohesive style. The AI design is great and makes for some nefarious opponents. Or maybe I'm just really bad, haha. 5/5 would recommend!

5/5! I played Heart Clash last jam and this one is just as good. The designs are super cute, and I love your artstyle. Consider me a fan~! :)

Hey, so I don't know if you took it down or not, but it's really encouraged to ask the artist if you're able to get into contact. Many of the famicase artists have Twitter so it's not hard to reach them! I'm sure they appreciated the sentiment, but it's important to respect the artist's work.

She reps the Eastern Roman Empire, yeah. Game takes place in the 640's!

Good concept. When the enemy rushed me down from the ramp after accelerating to the speed of light, it felt a little Cat Mario-esque. Rest of the game was easy enough. 5/5 would tilt again.

Great concept, controls could use a little tweaking (add W as an alternate jump button, sometimes the grapple felt like it wasn't quite going where the mouse cursor was), but nitpicks aside, very good jam submission!

The theme is brilliant, absoluelty great concept. But the controls seemed inconsistent. It seemed like blocks couldn't be placed or destroyed while the character was moving, which was frustrating.