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Great game!

Great game! Good jump scares, wish we could see better though...

Great game! Thats the last time I take a beer from a stranger in a corn field at a bust stop in the middle of the night...

Great Jumpscare! Really enjoyed this short one!!
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Great game! Perfect way to ruin Christmas!!

Great game!! Perfect for the Holidays!

Short and weird but still scared us a couple times!!

Great game! The chase was very hard, but other than that it was great!

Great game about time he got him!

Great game! Quite the jumpscare!!

Great game! Sussy isn't scary!!

Fun Game!! Can't wait for the second part!
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Just a Normal day Playing with your dog. Defiantly Not Horror.....

Great game! couldn't find ending 2 (didn't try real hard though).

Thanks! Glad you liked it, We had fun with your game!

Great Game!

Great Game can't wait for more!!

Great Game! This was terrifing

Great Game! We can NEVER get rid of Patrick!!

Fun Game!

Fun Game Really enjoyed this hope you make more!

Great game!

Great game!

Great game! We really enjoyed this one!!

Fun game!

Cool game had fun with it!!

terrifying game!! Can't wait for the next one

Didn't know getting that phone call would take a turn for the worst!

Great game! Can't wait for the next part!

Last time we stay at Dido's house!!

Great game! Didn't play level 2 yet Level 1 was challenging haha

Terrifying... Can't wait for more Bite Size Terrors!

Great game! Terrifying

Great Game! We won't be staying at any air b&b's anytime soon.

Great game! Hope there is more to come...
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Funny Game! Cookie Man theater Coming out next! Can't wait for more!

What a HORRIFYING game! Loved it! Takes a min to figure it out 

Great Game! Part 2 coming soon

Bikini Bottom has all gone crazy lately. Great Game!! Can't wait for part 2, it's got a lot of explaining to do...