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Hello gek1n,

it really took a while, but we can finally announce that Passing By has a russian localization! :) 
We'd love for you to give the game another try now! Fell free to share your thoughts about the localization!

Kind regards,


Thank you very much! :D

Thank you Paul! The community is really awesome! We never thought of having the game translated in so many different languages and there are still a few in work right now :)

Hello @wobblyfootgamer,

Thank you for the  video, we really love to see people playing the game! :D
Of course, we hope that you will continue Curlys journey :)
Do you prefer to play without music?

Hi MrHiTech,
you have to jump on the handle like it would be a ledge. Then Curly will hold on the handle :) And can be a bit hard at first, but try it a bit and you will succeed :)

Hello gek1n,

sorry for the late answer, as you can see from the comments here, we are currently working on a new version with save system :)

A translation with google, we had of course also in mind. But as it currently looks, we even found someone to translate it. I'll keep you up to date about it :)

Hello, I am sorry to hear that. No, you are definitely not bad! :D The hotspot-area is just small, when you are zoomed out, so it is difficult to hit the hotspot-area. The hotspot is the blinking square. Try to zoom it a bit and it should work :)

You made a Let's Play? Wow, we feel honored! Thank you very much! :) Unfortunately we don't have anybody in the team who speaks Russian, so it's a little difficult to translate right now. But we are happy that you still have fun with the game! :)

Ты сделал "Давай сыграем"? Вау, это честь для нас! Большое спасибо! :) К сожалению, в нашей команде нет никого, кто бы говорил по-русски, поэтому перевод сейчас немного сложноват. Но мы рады, что вы все еще получаете удовольствие от игры! :)

Hello, I really like your comment, thanks for your compliments and for playing the game! :) We have released the game for free so that as many people as possible can try and play it. If you think the game is worth the money, you may of course use the donation function. Either way, we are happy that you like the game! :)

Hey, we are happy to hear, that you like our game! :) We see that it is a bit inconvenient to walk the way down to the anchor to land. Our idea is, that the player has to do a bit and to walk on the balloonshop. So we want it to be somewhat difficult. Our source of inspiration for this aspect was the game "Far: Lone Sails" (really, really great game!). If you fly over an island, you can fly to the island again in another game run. 

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okay, thanks for the bugreport! I already fixed it with giving more space above. It will be in the next updated version of the game. :) I hope, you enjoy the other islands! :)

Hello, thank you for your kind words and feedback! :)
Right now, there is no Save Game Feature in the Game, but we are already working on it! :D

Considering the bug:  You mean, when it is pushes against the fixed boxes then you can't move it from the right side, right? And in the worst case, you can't even jump on the big box from this point?