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I will replace the file in a minute!

hey, thanks for playing the demo! Full game will be out in the next two or three weeks!

Thanks for playing it. Yeah, it is just a tech demo and you can't do anything - There will be a lot of interactive elements in the final game. The car interior/exterior was modeled by me and I didn't use it somewhere else.

Cool! Thanks!

Thank you for your feedback! I will look into the issue!

Thank you for playing the demo! I'll look into the issue with 16:9 - thanks for the tip!

Thank you for playing the beta! There's more to come and I'll release the final version in february!

Thanks for your kind feedback!

Thanks for checking out my early build and for creating a video! I'm currently working hard on finishing the game. I guess I'll release the full experience in february.

I think march might be realistic

Thanks for your feedback. You can't do anything in the hotel room, it's just a short glimpse into the ongoing development process, so there's still a ton of content missing.

Thank you for the feedback! I will look into the issue with the 2 monitors and your suggestion with the darker hotel room, which sounds like a good idea.