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This game has an awesome hidden tutorial, by mapping space to be start the level and beam without visual prompts you easily demonstrate how to catch!

Nope just checked and its an exe with joycon suppor

way to hard on my keybord and some combos are imposible

my keybord only alows 7 keys at once so I cant put all my fingers out and press space

i would love this in vr tbh would be way more fun useing hand tracking

the followers can colect bunnies but they go in your mouth

Fun game!

stuck on the red cube intro

had to jump round the wall to do the stage before it

Yeh i didnt know how to fix that bug
if you stop walking it fixes it

Its an awesome game, and it is fun and has some good puzzles!

Fun idea Its a bit too much of a complex puzzle off the bat

maby ease people into the puzzles then yeeting them into the deep end after 1 door

Moved the camra in stage 3 onwards to see heights better

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bit stuttery (only played he web ver)