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yeah this was nice work, i too really liked it

really nice work, loved the music too=)

very enjoyable =)

fun stuff!=)

very enjoyable shooter=)

thanx=) and yeah, it was a design choice but i agree that some stuff are hard read.

fighting the Borg with the Defiant...... thats two thumbs up =)

Super shmup. i love it. i really like how the shooting makes the plane more sluggish and presses you backewards, nice touch. 

beautiful work!

nice one=)

this is great!!

congratulazions on making your first game... cool!

and yeah...... that tutorial series are just fantastic!

nice work, and also pretty tough.

thank you=) next time around i might involve the "bride of chaotica "lol,

anyway , the cover .. i only pixelated a photo and messed around with it a little, thanx again for your comment!

this was really cool! very well design here and also music was good. nice work!

thnx i forgot about it, a download button is now in my itchio page. it's the first time i have uploded anything here.

thanx=) yeah i totaly agree it's very similar.  i learned a lot from it, so much fun!

nice one, i liked the levelup guns and the movement of the enemies.

had another go at this...the fish is so funny=) i love it

second time around it played flawless without any error. 

really nice design and nice menues etc. it really is a nice little shooter.

nice one.

i got a runtime error tho on level 4

thanks for a great tutorial=)


nice, i liked having all the lifes

wow... this is pro stuff. impressive work, really enjoyed it!

thank you=) yeah  i might develop this into someting more complete, it would be fun.  need a lot more practise first tho. thanks again for your comment. i appreciate it.

thank you=) glad you liked it!

very fun and cute=)


nice one, loved the fish=)