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Thank you  : )

Thank you I love making pixel art!

Thank you so much I had fun making it!

Congratulations! Good job.

I have never been on a game jam before so I had not known how to make it less confusing(because it is a really complicated game) but I will try to make my games more understandable in the future. 

Thank you  for your feedback I think that is a lesson I can learn for another jam. Also if you tell me what exactly what you were having trouble with I can help you with that. 

Hey there this is the developer of the game with a few tips for playing it:

1. First impressions are very important if you don't do well in the first round you will have a hard time putting it back on track

2. After you have landed on the porch don't press 'Evolve' immediately wait a few seconds so the red drone knows to stay on the porch for a bit.

That's all for now if you run into any problems please comment on them and tell me if you won.

Hello, I am so sorry about that I forgot to publish it. I fixed it I do hope it works for you now.