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Really fun! <3

Was a fun read! I looking forward for the next version!

And god good Yuri, the world don't have enough tranquilizer darts to calm her the fuck down, I love it.

As someone that played a lot of fan RPGMaker games (mostly weigh gain from weightgaming) i am extremely pleased with this project! I am really loving forward to future releases!

It's always extremely pleasing to see muscle growth games as well, and you did really well! The surprise when Chapter 2 started , feeling of discovering the other page of what the game wants to do is fantastic, thank you for the project, and good luck!

Fun game! Hope you can get the break you deserve~!

Always fun to take care of a Rena, thank you for the game ~u~

I love it

Hope more people give it a try to spread more about the game, I had a lot of pleasant surprises, specially on the creativity of some combats!

Really well made, a lot of production quality too!

Short and cute <3

Short, but really fun! Thank you for the game!