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that was FUN! like i loved it tbh. I actually exploited one bug in order to end the game huhu. so thanks cuz that bug really helped me out to finish the game. otherwise it would have been impossible xD. but tbh, i think that bug was intentional and if it was. then hat off! check out may gamee too if you can!

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bruH, i had SUPER fun playing this game. but after one point when i grappled a particular something, idr which one it was, but suddenly eveything disappeared lol. but loved the hack and slash mechanics. maybe a bit slow slash but still cool. Check out my game too yo.

Loved it! t'was fun!! the audio was cool as well!

haha, i see what you did there

I liked the game tbh. Loved how everything was all animated. Seemed really cute.

Thanks a lott!!! Yes ofc, will try your game out too!

Okay, that was superr interesting tbh. Loved the game's concept but sheesh, that first landslide man, it was wayyy too sudden xD. gave me a big jumpscare tbh. but LOVED it!

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omg sorry, i tried uploading the webgl for a moment, but it didn't work, but yeah, now the downloadable version is back up. Thanks a lot for pointing it out. Please do try it out now!!

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AHAH, LOVED THE THEME OF THE GAME XD!! XD HOW the cow walking with those udders xD

Thank you so much!


Wow, this was super fun tbh. Quite challenging though ngl. The graphics was good, but maybe the sky looked a bit empty. But overall amazing. 5 starts defs.