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Thanks for this game. Allowed me to see what kind of things are needed for a tower defence game

hey, i lked the premise, though the game is unplayable at the moment. do drop me a note once you finish it. also, what did you program this in. would be interested in any source code or tips

I think it was the third level? where  you went right, right, then up

Nice concept. The music was a bit loud and it seemed like the collision detection seemed to kick in even when i wasnt touching the wall. 

very nice simulation. The thin trees look like they had their top chopped off. 

Game does nothing when i press "Get cookies". (Loaded game in browser in Chrome)

I think they want you to make your own low effort music

I don't know what a bacteriophage is, but it looks like a dangerous six-legged insect

i like this concept. very simple shapes and the texture map makes everything so nice. 

64 1x1 squares, there are also 2x2 squares, 3x3 up to the largest which is a 8x8 square. 

Nice game, the lasers were annoying with no warning, and the jet pack seems to have too little lift. The puzzles and keyboard are a good addition

Intro was nice, and the game looked ok as a top down tile map style of game. Player movement was a bit clunky though. If you can incorporate accelerate/decelerate, that would be good. Also, screen resolution seemed to be a problem. I initially played on a 1366x768 and that didnt show the whole screen, then i tried on 1920x1080 but i still couldn't  see the bottom wall (probably due to my taskbar.) After running into walls, the player couldnt move/turn. I think thats cos the player is bigger than the tiles?

Thanks for playing. Yes its challenging. Need to fine tune it a little 

Thanks for those suggestions. Plan to incorporate more features at a later time

Unable to run. Says I need DirectX, but I already have directx12, dxdiag says no problems. 

Really cute graphics, liked the ladybug in the boat. Music was nice. Reverse ability would be nice. 

Was quite simple once figured out. Should have a limit on the islands, and perhaps a more random ship movement. Ring sound was a bit annoying. 

Marking the Edges of the lane (perhaps with a slight color variation) would make it clearer that you cant go beyond a certain point. I agree that the boat is very slow. 

Game is interesting. Character was hard to control though. 

Interesting mechanics. It was very old style video game. 

Great start, you could take it in many directions after this

Sadly I didn't get out, but ended up in the bath tub. It needed more feedback, like highlighting things that could be interacted with, and sound :) Good effort

Nice graphics and movement. Not sure what to do though. Also, why does it need internet access and connecting to where?

Needs more instructions. didnt know what to do at first

Can you make this game run without installing? Like a portable app. 

Ya Aiming was a tiny bit buggy but it worked great. Was actually able to play this game. Difficulty just right

This was fun to solve the puzzles. It got progressive more involved. Loved it. Gameplay was good

So I cant move the boat, eh. Ok. Runs like clockwork. Good idea, but as others have said, no end condition :)

Super hard, but fun game. Score: 30 :(

Nice two stage game. The first time around you know nothing, but as you progress, you figure out more things. Ate some coconut, got the fire going etc. 

I like this puzzle game. It looks simple then you realise you must match things perfectly. Good story, and mechanics

Wow this game is quite cute. I went around the world a few times, and I saw Singapore! Great art and music.

I was already on full screen. Thanks

Its "supposed" to be a port-hole aka window, but wrong colors

Thanks for playing!

1) yep, no collision detection between the enemy ships. That is a bug

2) That is a feature. Its kinda meant to show where the new boat is spawning. 

Yeah, I wanted to add the banks of the Suez canal, but didn't figure out how. 

Thanks, I'll try updating the DirectX Drivers soon. 

Ok looks like a resource collection game, but I couldnt appreciate it as it doesnt run well on a small screen of 1366x768.

Kill the enemies by bouncing on them? ok. Good concept, though the enemy gfx can be improved. 

Cute graphics and blacksmitch sounds. Very difficult to fight.