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send an email to, they can process refunds too

I asked for a refund from (I got no answer by emailing the devs). They gave it to me without any problem, so if anyone is looking into getting a refund try them

Thanks for the info, at least.

Any news? 

Any news?

No updates on the production diary (Tumblr)?

None of your personal blogs and Twitter accounts have recent updates, and the dev Twitter account of one of your members has gone private. I sent you a message on Tumblr, but it has gone unanswered. Can you *at least* confirm you are still working on this project? Had it been a free project I wouldn't be so disappointed, but I preordered the game -- as clearly did others.

Thank you.

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I downloaded it on a whim, knowing nothing about it... I expected it to be a pretty short game, and ended up staying up really late to finish it. Worth it. I haven't done Florien's route yet, but Ymir is just too my type so I'll just probably... skim through it... Sorry Florien :')