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I just had to poop and it turned into a nightmare. Great work.

This was so frustrating on my first try. It also managed to scare me haha.

Well this was unsettling

Very cool game, took me a bit to figure out but was great twist on conventional horror games.

Very cool twist on the slender games, great work.

Very good long game, rarely see such quality in free indie games. Great work.

To be so short it scared me good. Nice work devs. 

interesting but left me wanting more, look forward to the full game. 

Very cool every game you make gets better and better.

Pretty good but was too easy maybe it needs a hard mode but was pretty cool good work.

Needs a ton of work but has some real potential. The text was so small for me I couldn't hardly read it.

This game kinda lost me but it did scare me 

Took me a while to figure out but interesting twist on the backrooms. 

Was very creepy, even managed to scare myself one time haha 

very cool twist on the backrooms concept. Scared me a lil too. Nice work.

interesting little game, pretty creepy.

This game was funny and scared the poop outta me haha nice work. 

Great game just wish it were longer.

Very good and scared the crap outta me. Good work.

For such a short game this game scared me so bad, great job.

Very interesting and managed to scare me, good job.

These games wreck my nerves bad great work on this.

Game looks great, had some good  scares but needed more direction and story. 

This was fun to play and make my own voices for but definitely be cool to see more to this story.

Super short but did make me jump first game I play in the video.

The ending was great well done.

Yeah a full game would be very cool but make the flashlight easier to find haha.

Very cool game the full release will be great if you stick to this momentum. Great work.

The new demo is a major step up I am seriously looking forward to this full release. great work.   

Interesting wish it were longer though.

Very cool concept but a little short, Scared me multiple times.  

Great game,I really enjoyed it

This game really had a way of creeping me out. Great work. 

nice scares, a little confusing the way it just drops you in but I should have paid more attention to the broadcasts. 

Amazing ambiance, great work as always Emika. Buy this game.

Very cool and terrifying. Hope to see more chapters of this game.

Interesting, scary too! 

Interesting I look forward to the full game.

My Mommy got me killed......

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Very nice game, scared me a couple times and I look forward to the full release.