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Was creepy, a little short though.

Very good demo, I was not expecting a jump scare so fast. Keep up the good work I look forward to the full release.

Short But Good I enjoyed it. 

made a video of the update, this game just gets better and better.

I think I pooped a little.

Very PT like which is good. Also felt the quiet place vibes. Nice work. 

The ending was a little anti climactic but it is a demo still scared me haha.

This game was so dumb and I loved every minute of it.

Made me jump haha

Haha I kept telling Jo that it deserved a premium pay grade.

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Fun game, I beat it normally. I then big Brained the shit out of this game and beat it without moving any furniture.

This game made me scream so much.

Scared me a few times. The tunnels always manage to jumpscare me. This one felt like silent hill I enjoyed it. 

Loop games are always so unsettling great work.

Look forward to your future work.

Very cool short game I did poop a little though haha.

Interesting game, not sure if I beat it or not..

Pretty cool the end gave me some trouble but I got it finally.

Got some puppet combo vibes I really like it, look forward to more.

Fun little game, I enjoyed it even though it was hard to keep up with how many keys I had. 

Nailed it.

one of the most satisfying games I have played. It's like doom with John Wick haha.

This game was very well made I enjoyed it a lot. The menu was very cool.

That got intense fast.

Cool short game, it

 did leave me wondering if there are two endings though.

It was rough on the heart but great game.

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Very cool remake of Baby In Yellow. It made me jump a few times. I do not watch H20 but I enjoyed it either way.

Short and creepy, I like it.

Pretty creepy I enjoyed it.

Was pretty funny. Even startled me some. 

Short but scared me pretty good.

Trying to give me a heart attack? Great Game.

This made a little poop come out.

I know, I was thinking yep I clapped Leahs Cheeks in this Garage.

Interesting little game. 

Scared me good! 

Very cool game the don't look in her eyes was so unsettling.  

Kinda creepy.

Short but scared me good.

Very cool and scary.