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Short but still managed to get me pretty good. 

let me know if you ever need voice acting done.

let me know if you ever need voice acting done.

I was not ready for that ending very cool. 

Very creepy, great job.

Very creepy, great job.

That got me good

I loved it and really appreciated the opportunity to do Scotts voice. Now we just need a part 2. Great work 616.

Played this game on my twitch and it was hard for me with the way I play these types of games but I loved it. helped having part of the Dev team in chat to help me find my way.  Was great meeting you Chelsea!

This game was terrifying and built a sense of dread perfectly. Nice work.

Very strange but fun game

Fun lil horror game got all the endings too.

More fun than I thought.

Definitely a wild game.

Had fun narrating the voices on this one great game.

Loving it so far

Great comeback loved it.

Great work for your first Unreal game scared me pretty good. 

Very cool wish I could go in the killers house though.

This one scared me more than any of your other games great work.

Very creepy amd scared me pretty good. Great work.

creepy I enjoyed it.

Unique gameplay very cool.

I dont know why I find aliens so scary but this scared me good.

Every time I play these, I manage to have a great time and get scared. Great work

Yep it got me haha good job.

Short but very cool horror game.

Cool and brought back memories.  Needs more story but still a fun little demo.

These always seem to make

me laugh. great work.

I wasnt sure what I was expecting but this was a good challenging little game nice work.

Another great poopy game from this dev great work.

pretty funny and scared me a few times. Nice work. 

Smooth gameplay and scared me every time.

I just had to poop and it turned into a nightmare. Great work.

This was so frustrating on my first try. It also managed to scare me haha.

Well this was unsettling

Very cool game, took me a bit to figure out but was great twist on conventional horror games.

Very cool twist on the slender games, great work.

Very good long game, rarely see such quality in free indie games. Great work.