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is it supposed to just be a blank screen after it says the show's coming on? i really wanted to learn more about Eroda... :(

very good game!!

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excellent!! i really liked it! it's sad though -  i wish there was a way to get a good ending (or maybe there is, and i missed it) but i understand if you don't want to add one! it's excellent either way, i just get attached easily lol

Ohh this was SO GOOD!!! I saw the words 'Artefact Storage' and i was like 'haha TMA' so imagine my surprise and joy to learn it *was* a TMA fan game!!! it was very well written - I especially liked the ceramic thing, and it was really fun to go entityspotting with the artifacts!! you handled elias' creepiness excellently as well - i LOVED LOVED LOVED how you made his Eye extend all the way out to the player!! that was a really interesting use of the Eye and i almost hope rusty quill sees this and uses that concept in canon!! long story short this was AWESOME, my only complaint is i wish there was more (which isn't a real complaint, the game isn't short or anything - i just liked it so much i was sad when it ended). also, i know this wasn't your intent/purpose with this game, but it would be cool to have more encounters with the canon characters - although again, i see why you wouldn't, and it works better this way for people who find this without knowing TMA. i guess the spider-stranger table just got me thinking about how i wish i, as head of artifact storage, could put enough DANGER stickers on it to keep Sasha away....

long story short: excellent game, i loved it!!! if i could give it 10 stars out of 5 i would!!! <3

forgotten fun!!

this game was awesome! i'd love to see more in this universe :O

I can't figure out where to  go after opening the Cassius project summary. PCTARGETS is locked, and I cant figure out the passwords to any accounts that would get me in... I've looked at every personnel file by now but I just can't figure out any passwords :( I might just be slow but is it possible you could shoot me a hint...? I'm having a ton of fun with the game, by the way!! I'm just not the best at puzzles sometimes lol

it won't let me click and drag the coins into the slot :(

this is really fun so far!! looking forward to the full game ^.^

i love this!! especially love the mcelroy reference :D

ohh my god everything about this is so good.... the music.... and the whole game is just so good, it really hit me hard and made me feel. i love it, thank you

this is cool!! you have a few spelling errors in some of it, but im really liking it :O

this was pretty spooky but i liked it!