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I’d like to be able to retrive a list of the user’s roles after login with an expression, possibly as a json.

Hey o/ ofc I remember! I’m glad you like it, feel free to hit me up whenever you want even if just for a chat, I’d love to catch up!

Hey, I’m not sure about that, please contact the author on discord at Mikal#1464

Thank you! I’m glad you like it x)

Yoh, thanks for the report, could you please reach me out in the discord to better explain your issue? I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand what you are talking about x)

basically an easy way to implement & manage 3d primitives shapes based on quads in addition to single fqz

Sure, the cube is already provided as a primitive so that shouldn’t be an issue, just load the texture as spriteframes

This board is mainly intended for reporting issues related to the plugin itself only, before posting anything make sure to read everything carefully.

How should I report an issue with the theme? Simply provide some screenshots showing the issue followed by a description of the issue as detailed as possible. Console logs are appreciated.

Already known issues:

  • none

This board is mainly intended for reporting issues related to the suite itself only, before posting anything make sure to read everything carefully.

How should I report an issue with the theme? Simply provide some screenshots showing the issue followed by a description of the issue as detailed as possible. DO NOT SHOW YOUR PRIVATE KEYS IN YOUR SCREENSHOTS!

Already known issues:

  • none

Hi everyone,
I'd like to thank you for your interest in my new upcoming game!
I'm currently looking for a publisher & fundings to take this Alpha to the next level, and work on it full-time for a full game release, if you have any feedback please feel free to leave a post/message, it would be very appreciated, if you encounter any issue or bug take a screenshot and don't be afraid to let me know!
Hope you will enjoy this short demo as much as I enjoyed making it in this past month.
Have a great day!
- Mitsu


There are 2 downloadable versions, one is tagged with "Icon" in the name and doesn't hide icons

Thanks for the report, I'll give it a look as soon as I can, in the meanwhile would you mind trying the other version if it's any better?

Hey thanks for the report, I'll try to fix it as soon as i got time!
Eventually send me a reminder on discord @mitsu next week if you don't see a fix by monday x)

it really depends on a-frame/arjs as mine is just a wrap to make it compatible with construct 3, so yeah as long as you set your scene correctly you can have a different patterns, also on screen at the same time, lastest version of a-frame/arjs should support also geolocalization based AR

Sup guys, thanks for your patience! I've had some rough months with everything going on but I'm working on fixing those issues now.
I've already changed the background color to a semi transparent white so now the selection has a good contrast and set the proepr color for the collision point textboxes, however I can't seem to be able to find the "Progress when exporting/building an app" part you mentioned above, also I was wondering is there is anything else you found that may need a fix x)

Could you provide screenshots for issue #1 & #2 too?
I'll try to fix everything by next week, thanks for your help!

Thank you so much for helping me narrowing down on the missing styling, its really appreciated!

Thanks for the infos, looks like a compatibility issue with ARJS to me, not sure i can fix it but i'll give it a look now that i have enough details, thanks man!

Thanks for the collaboration, could you tell me the model, android version and browser/browser version used?
I'll be looking into it! x)

Hey, thanks for the report, do you happen to have a log?
What device are you using? Did you wait few seconds as it may take some time on older devices?

Hey, thanks for the feedback, it's totally fine no worries, I'll try to have all of those fixed by next week, except for the lines tho, sadly it goes far beyond the principle on which PROCSS is based, simplicity & clear ui. Hope you will understand, thanks again!



Hey! Thanks for reporting those issues, I'll fix 'em asap and release the fix with the next updateù.
I'm really sorry to hear you don't find yourself confortable without icons in the events sheet, however it's the very purpose of this theme to remove all unnecessary and wastefull parts of construct, infact you can still find a marker for trigger events which are quite important to differentiate from tick events. However i have received another request to provide a version with icons, so please be patient and wait for the next release, else feel free to contact itch support for a refund ;)
- mitsuhashish

Hey chunchun, thanks for reporting the issue, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the issue?
Else I'd really appreciated if you could reach me out on discord at mitsustudios#4451 or on twitter at @mitsustudios so we could identify the issue and fix it asap :)

Afaik only accepts paypal and stripe!

glad you like it, it's available here : :)

thanks Animate! Your support is really appreciated! :)

Hello damjancd, thanks for your support!
I think you are using scale outer/scale inner probably? I've been reported such issue already and a fix is in the works, if not please share as many details as possible or send me the .c3p at @mitsustudios on twitter, mitsustudios#4451 on discord or really any other hosting service of your choice!

3DJS Pro is planned to come to construct 2, but nowhere in the near future sadly, those things take quite some time x(

Thanks man! Really appreciate your support! :)

3DJS community · Created a new topic BEFORE YOU BUY
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Thanks for stopping by to read this post, my policy is of clear transparency so I want to make sure you are aware of the current status of developement of the 3DJS runtime extension.

- Currently this extension is usable and ready for early access release, during this period the product has a 50% discount, after that period the discount won't be available anymore.
- Documentation is being made, it's just not ready yet so please be patient, this early access release is intended for debugging purpose and feedback
- Lots of features are still missing, great stuff is coming to make everything even more easier, however it takes time so please wait a little more for the really cool stuff
- Optimizations are in progress too, current build is mostly the barebones of what it is going to be, but again those take time too so please be patient, performance wise in its unoptimized state it can currently work fine with about 500 models in the same layout without any issue


Fixed + Fixed another bug related to group selection


Hey Straskal, thanks for reporting the issue!
I'm gonna fix it asap one of the next few days!