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as someone w executive dysfunction, i loved it. this is so good, i really liked how you could get distracted by thinking more about things like pencils and planes. it explained perfectly how it works. i always find it hard to explain what executive dysfunction is, but this was perfect! if someone asks me ill send them this !!

quick question,,, who is the mtf lesbian? /genq
liz is mtf but her sexuality hasnt been confirmed, and min-seo is an afab non-binary lesbian.

hey! i know it may be triggering for some and i really understand that, but i think it's very important for her backstory, and there IS a trigger warning in this very same page. (Content warnings: brief written depictions of parental emotional+physical abuse (no visuals), ableist slurs.) so i dont really think it's necessary. /nm

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it would take me a while :0 but you have to always try !

i'd be best using discord, but gmail could work too ? if you have some other options maybe we can work it out.

as someone commented before, there's no spanish version

im a latin american spanish speaker, and i really loved the game, i'd volunteer to help translate !! :D