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Hey there! anyone have a download mirror? never had a problem with older versions, but now the download starts and give me an "server" error randomly and i need to start it all over again (im using Google Chrome, maybe i should try with firefox... idk.)

EDIT: downloaded with firefox! ty again for this last update

Hello there! i really like this new (Hard as fuck) update! in my first video i just finished the mission without a single hit, still can't achieve that in this update!

Maybe, just maybe it's a little too much for newcomers, but with practice is fun and rewarding!

Normal missiles are "almost" dumb ones, it doesn't feel "right", the turn ratio of those boys is too low, plus the speed doesn't feel right too, maybe it's me (i'm a falcon BMS pilot) but i can't track 'em with my eyes in the screen, incoming missiles are slow too. I know this is an ARCADE game, but IRL those AIM-9 / Vympel R-73 travel towards the objective at mach 2.5 (3062 Km/h) in a blink of your eye can send your aircraft to hell.

Having a few "timing" problems with countermeasures too... but i know this is my problem not the game itself.

I read another comment about the stall being a little "empty" i'm going to agree with that guy.

About the difficulty... i'm good with it, but is hard ONLY if you stay in the eye of the storm, if you "lure" a few planes away from that "area" it's easy like in the previous alpha. It's kinda funny, but whenever u enter in the eye of the storm again, the "RWR" starts crying about 489327482347823894273894327897942734 spikes @ you, and a second later 2389742893748937477824 missiles are incoming.¬¬

+1000 for making AI pilots FIGHT and not sit there waiting the splash!!!

i'm going to keep flying to see more "things", in the next update can you make a simple "quick launch" without enemies, just the scenario, to test the plane per se please?